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Facial Mists – The Bath candy Company

With the warrior Face cleanser ( Review here ) I picked up two Facial mists “Jardin De Aromatique” and “I am Fresh Now”from The Bath candy Company.

Price : Rs. 199/- for each

As fancy as the names sound they are all like the regular toners. They are used as you use any toner and also as a freshening spray.  I thought of writing two different posts but both of them are almost same except for one ingredient.  Oh I forgot, they send you copy of list of ingredients and how to use stuff. And also two scented bath candles as a gift.

Coming to the Products, they both feel the same and smell the same to me. They have this strong Teatree oil scent. They did mention that these are Facial and Body Treatment Mists, helps acne.

Except for the natural and Paraben free, these are no different from the other ones I used so far. The treatment part, I have not used them that long to notice any visible difference.



I love the way I am fresh now Feels on the skin,It does have some minty freshness and if you using the chilled one, this feels like a bit of heaven on your skin.



Jardin De Aromatique is more soothing and best applied in the night as it has lavender oil in i. It helps you calm down and have a better sleep.

Would I recommend?

Yes, Definitely. Why to use chemicals on the face when you can get these natural,cruelty free products on the skin at the same price. These can be used as moisturizers on those lazy days.





Face Cleanser – Warrior

The Bath Candy Company Face Cleanser – Warrior


Company Overview (Took from their Facebook page)

Bringing you hand- made bath luxuries. Choose from a variety of all natural, herbal soaps or peppy colorful soaps. All made with natural bases. Customised soaps are available too (With prior 4 weeks notice). Also enjoy our range of lip balms, face mists, ubtans, face and body cleansers.

They are also Natural, cruelty-free,Parabens Free.

Price : Rs. 250/- ( I got Rs.50/- discount as it was the first order for the product)

This is my first order and much awaited one. I ordered 2 facial mists and one cleanser. Due to not so good courier services here, order took really long to reach me, it took the same time for me to try and review it here.


Warrior is a Charcoal cleanser which can be used both as both cleanser and a Face Pack.With Activated Charcoal in everything these days from the cleansers to the tooth paste, I had to buy this as soon as i saw the charcoal on it. I used it as a pack. Not so appealing, it is a hard and coarse to feel. It is not spread out easily as it is, that is why it is important to add water to make it a paste and spread it easily. It smells like Teatree oil and Multani mitti ( Fullers earth) though it is not on the ingredient list.


Take a small amount of the product and add water to make it a paste and apply it on the face . Leave it on for 5- 10 minutes and wash it off. It does leave a black tint on the face if cleaned it off with only water. This black tint can be removed by using a gentle cleanser. I used Besan (Chickpea flour).


After Cleansing off, I noticed a cleaner and fresher face.

Skin feels soft and smooth.

They send out a copy of ingredients and the directions on how to use the product in the package.


Love the warrior. I am adding this to my travel kit as it is easy to apply and dries off quickly. It takes max 10 minutes to get clearer and clean skin.


Sarainodu – My Movie Review

Hello !!!How is your weekend coming along. It is Bangalore this weekend for me. I finally got time to write here. I am mostly in the places where there is not much of electricity or the network. No I am not at any remote place teaching for the need. I am just at my hometown.


If you have read my previous posts, you would already know I am at my hometown, trying all the random stuff and passing time. Here at home, the only source of entertainment is Movies. We watch almost all the movies in the first week of its release. I mostly don’t do the movie reviews but hey why not? So finally I got sometime to write here. Seen this movie a while ago but got time to write this.

There is nothing you can say about Boyapati movies, except they are Mardaangi (Male oriented) based movies. It is all about vehicles blasting in the air, running faster than the trains and beating up the people with the hammers or something equally violent. You know whose movies I am talking about.

Coming to the story part, ahem..Hmmm..Wait..I am still thinking about the story. Ok I will say it out loud, there is no story/plot in the movie. It just roams around the characters. It is a movie where allu arjun shows off his machismo and goes on protecting the people around. When The Bad or injustice happens around the hero, let me rephrase that, as the hero reacts to the injustice and bad around him, he gets in the way of the evil man of the movie. And this evil man swears revenge on the hero. Rest you know what happens.

Coming to the cast of the movie, Allu Arjun did do the justice to the character. He completely didnt get into the full Macho character, he managed to add his charm. The heroines Catherine, who plays a strong role, did not match up to the role. But you cannot hate her. She just looks so adorable in the movie. And Rakul, the other heroine, plays an innocent girl is quite a change from her usual stubborn and metro looks. Rest of the cast does their justice to their respective characters. All in all it is not a must watch but not an avoidable movie. Coming to the songs and Dance, Bunny Does not disappoint. Blockbuster and the hard kaur made kids dance to the songs makes up for everything in the movie.

I guess Every actor wants to do the Boyapati movie to satisfy their Male Ego ( I mean Mardaangi ego, here I go again) :-P. Just an insight you know.

If You haven’t watched the movie yet or deciding whether to watch, you can give it a try this weekend.

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Have an awesome weekend.Love you all. Mwah.


Random Talks – Happy Week

Hellooo! How s monday morning treating you all? Mine is going super exciting, atleast I would like to think so, because our maid quit and I have to get out of my cozy room to do chores. Not a pretty thought :-/. From this week on, decided to do 5 posts every week. I know it is a big commitment, considering my work and travel.But I want to give it a try and see how convenient.There are some reviews and exciting DIY’s lined up for this week.

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Know Your Products

How Are you all doing?

Needless to say we all have atleast more than one make up or beauty product lying in the racks. And whenever we look at it we post pone using it for that party you are planning to attend. And we forget. Before we forget the product and to avoid using it after its expiration date, take a look at the shelf life of mostly used products below.



Powder products stays a bit longer than the water or cream based products. The ones which has the least shelf life are the eye products.The below mentioned is the duration from the time you open the pack.

Mascara.liquid eye liners (water resistant, volume, any kind) : 3-6Months

Liquid Foundation/Concealer (stick foundations, cream based) : 6 – 12 months

Lipsticks/ lip crayons: 2 years

Lip Gloss : 1 year

Powder products (eyeshadows, blushes, powders) : 2 years.

Nail Paints : 2 years

Moisturizers & Lotions : 2 years

Above are the shelf life of the mostly used products.

In addition to the above, check for the expiration dates on the products itself. You will find a open jar picture on the many products which mentions the shelf life of that product.


Things to remember:

If you find the product runny, change in color, formed 2 layers, or becomes extra dry and change in the fragrance, stop using that product.

They say it is ok to go a month or two above expiration dates but why take risks, huh?

Do not use water or saliva to fix the dried up make up.

Always declutter and organize from the essentials to the make up products.

Tip :

Use a permanent marker and write the expiration dates on the tubes or the jars. This way if the writing on the products goes away, you can still keep track of it.

Hope this post helps and would love to hear you in comments.

Be wise Beautywise.

Bourjois Mascara- Volume Glamour Max


IMG_20160112_145258_354Colour : Black

Price :  Rs. 735/-

How I like it:

  • I like it. It gives that perfect amount of volume to the lashes.


  • Though i would have personally preferred bristles longer on brush, I still like the way it coats all the lashes.
  • I use it when I dress up. And it adds it to the look of the make up. Not making it look overdone.
  • The staying power is good. It stays almost to 8 hrs.
  • Waterproof and Tears proof.







ColorBar – Tangerino 015

How are you all doing? Mine is very exciting. I Have been revisiting all the places I went as a kid. So That is keeping me all busy because it includes climbing hills and going to fish stunk beaches.

Coming to the reviews I mentioned earlier, today I am posting the colorbar lipsticks and a lip pot. Read on

Color Bar Creme Touch- Tangerino – 015


Price : Rs. 475/-

This looks a bit bold and too orangey in the tube but once applied on the lips it gives that lipbalm effect.

I used this mostly over other orange lipsticks to give much deeper color. 🙂

That color transforms to transparent orange tinge which almost looks like tinted orange shade on the lips.


To me it looks similar to the Revlon Lip butters (Tutti frutti) and once applied it even feels the same.

It glides smoothly on the lips.

Has Vanilla scent.

Adds Shine to the lips.



Staying power is less.

It melts at high temperature. If applied directly you will end up with lot of product on the lips.

Price is a bit steep.

Recommend :

Yes. Keeping the Pigmentation aside, if you looking for an everyday wear orange shade, this one is a good buy.