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Lotus Herbals – Night Cream

Youth Rx Anti Ageing Nourishing Night Creme


Price : Rs. 525/-


How I like it :

I bought this recently and wanted to write a review after trying it on. It s been a week since i started using this and it did not disappoint me.

  • Inbetween cream and gel consistency
  • Faintly Fragranted.
  • Soaks in easily.
  • Does not feel heavy on the skin.
  • No break outs.
  • Instantly feels smooth and soft.
  • Controls oil. One thing to mention I wake up to  oil free, smooth skin in the morning.


I somehow had high expectations from this one. Though it didn’t give me great results, it did not disappoint me. Oh, the jar is so pretty. A classic Purple and Gold Combo.

Update : I have stopped using this as it is making me turn a bit darker. I wanted to waive off all the other options to zero it on this. After slowly eliminating all the other products its confirmed that this one is the culprit. 😛


Maybelline Fit me Foundation

Matte+Poreless (Normal to oily )


Shade : Warm Honey #322

Price : Rs. 525/-


How I liked it :

Finally i got my hands on this one. Since I gave away my Clinique foundation ( Review ) to a dear friend of mine, i was on hunt for a good foundation. I like light coverage, buildable foundations. I usually use BB creams or tinted moisturisers  but I do like using a foundation. It feels like I have got my canvas ready.  Considering the climate, the foundations which are weightless and does not clogs the pores are really important. I saw rave reviews about Maybelline fit me and thought Will give it a try. And I could not find anywhere at hometown, thought would order online, but was not sure about the shade,and finally, finally, I got a chance to pick up during one of my work travels. Lets get right into it.


How I liked it:

Started a love affair since it touched my face for the first time. I absolutely love it. It is all I was looking for in a foundation and what more I got the exact right shade and that too in my budget.

  • Liquid foundation
  • Blends easily and feels light
  • Light coverage
  • Buildable
  • Matte finish and does not dry out the skin
  • Does not clogs the pores
  • It does what it claims.
  • This is one of those products that i see using it completely.

Super Super happy with this. I definitely recommend this to others. Have you tried this yet? Would love to hear your comments below.



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Skin Things You must do

Hellooo…My first post of the week. :-D. How is ya week coming along?. Mine shows change of place, probably travel. Never know.

Coming to today’s post, I am listing out few must do things for healthy and beautiful skin. We girls go that extra mile to get the clear and spotless skin. In that run, we often forget the basic things. In this post I sorted out the basic skin care things we all must do.


Face wash : Always use a gentle soap free face wash on face. Pick the one that matches your skin needs.

Moisturizer : Now always always moisturize when ever you wash your face. And one more thing, change your moisturizer once in a while.

Sun Screen : (This one is a note to self too) Never step out of the house without sunscreen. If you work outdoors, reapply the sunscreen every two hours.

Scrub Away : Use a gentle exfoliator or scrub twice a week to remove the dead cells.


Face Pack : Use the pack once a week. You can use either store bought or the DIY,s ( You can take few ideas from here : DIY’s )

Cleanups/Facials : Which ever facial fancies you, get them once a month. There are many do it at home facial kits which you can try).

Groom it : To look always photo ready, get the eyebrows done. If you have facial hair, go for permanent solution or threading is the second best solution. ( Facial hair is mostly due to harmonal imbalances,so get a medical check up done before you decide on any other solution).

Remove Make up : Always remove your make up before you sleep. On the tired and lazy days, keep few cleansing pads on the bedside table, so you wouldn’t miss a day.


Diet: What we put inside is what is shown out. Vegetables and fruits can do only good t skin and also the whole body. Atleast include one potion of fruit or vegetables for the healthy looking skin.

Water : Drinking 8 glasses of water everyday does wonders to the skin,but drinking warm water improves the digestion and the results show on skin.

Follow a healthy skin regime which works out for you. And do share your ideas in the comments.

Be wise Beauty wise,


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Divya Jaladi



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Clean & Clear – OIl control film


Price : Dont remember. Bought long ago. ( Checked online. It costs around Rs.1000/- )


What I liked about it :

I faintly remember buying this while paying the bill at the counter. And only until recently I found this and wanted to use them. I remember paying around 300 bucks or something for this. When I checked online for the price i was shocked. No way I am using them generously.

  • These are peached colored palm sized sheets.
  • Absorbs oil and grim from the skin effectively. ( you will know once you see the sheet after using it)


  • Does not absorb sweat or water.
  • Can be used over make up too.
  • One sheet is good enough to wipe off the oil from face.


The price is the only concern in these. It is way too steep for just 50 sheets.



Know Your Products

How Are you all doing?

Needless to say we all have atleast more than one make up or beauty product lying in the racks. And whenever we look at it we post pone using it for that party you are planning to attend. And we forget. Before we forget the product and to avoid using it after its expiration date, take a look at the shelf life of mostly used products below.



Powder products stays a bit longer than the water or cream based products. The ones which has the least shelf life are the eye products.The below mentioned is the duration from the time you open the pack.

Mascara.liquid eye liners (water resistant, volume, any kind) : 3-6Months

Liquid Foundation/Concealer (stick foundations, cream based) : 6 – 12 months

Lipsticks/ lip crayons: 2 years

Lip Gloss : 1 year

Powder products (eyeshadows, blushes, powders) : 2 years.

Nail Paints : 2 years

Moisturizers & Lotions : 2 years

Above are the shelf life of the mostly used products.

In addition to the above, check for the expiration dates on the products itself. You will find a open jar picture on the many products which mentions the shelf life of that product.


Things to remember:

If you find the product runny, change in color, formed 2 layers, or becomes extra dry and change in the fragrance, stop using that product.

They say it is ok to go a month or two above expiration dates but why take risks, huh?

Do not use water or saliva to fix the dried up make up.

Always declutter and organize from the essentials to the make up products.

Tip :

Use a permanent marker and write the expiration dates on the tubes or the jars. This way if the writing on the products goes away, you can still keep track of it.

Hope this post helps and would love to hear you in comments.

Be wise Beautywise.

Nova – Cream/Brillantine


Price : Rs. 40/- for 29grams

How I like it : During winters, for skin I usually use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and this time thought would use this one instead. I grew up seeing this green color balm but never used. Now as I have become more open to products I picked this up.:-D. I use this mostly on elbows and on my feet.


  • Green Color cream
  • Moisturizes well.
  • Feels thick on the skin.
  • Can be used on the elbows, cracked feet and even on hair (though I never tried it on hair)
  • Has Strong scent.
  • Though it is in a glass jar, it is pretty strong.


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Lacto Calamine- Oil Control Lotion


Lacto Calamine, who haven’t heard of this?!. Doctors Prescribed this to get rid of chicken pox scars then. Though I have seen many using it as I was growing up, I never used it. I remember trying it out once, but it felt too thick and sweaty on my skin. Never went back till recently. I was looking for a day cream and when I saw Oil Control on this pack, I just picked it up. Thought I would give it a good try and see how it works.

It has Kaolin and Aloe Vera


  • Kaolin Absorbs excessive oil, acts as an exfoliant giving soft and acne free skin.
  • Aloe vera hydrates the dry skin
  • Zincoxide unclogs the pores and prevents bacterial growth.

Skin Type : Combination to Oily

Price : Rs. 101/-  for 60ml

How I liked it : I love it. I regret not trying it out earlier.



  • It looks like a tinted Moisturizer. Pale Peach color.
  • My skin got clearer and brighter.
  • No breakouts.
  • easily absorbed into skin.
  • Moisturizes well.
  • Little Product is enough if you using on face.
  • Buildable. It is a perfect base for the make up.
  • This will go into my skin Rescue Products.

Have you seen the price, 60ml will come for good 2 months if you use both the times. I use this during day as I already have a night cream.

And the Scent can be a bit bothersome but it vanishes off quickly.

Having said all these, this product is either make or break, no in betweens. So try a smaller pack first.



Curry Leaves – Beauty Benefits


Curry Leaves have both health and Beauty benefits. It is widely use in Indian cooking, Be it for seasoning or just to add flavor. It has digestive properties and aids in weight loss too. If you facing any skin or hair problems, Identify the root cause and get on with the remedies. Stress, poor lifestyle, Harsh chemicals in the products, Treating hair regularly are the main reasons for the hair loss or Grey Hair. Once they are addressed these remedies will aid in getting quicker results.

If you looking to benefit from Curry leaves just chew few leaves everyday. Or don’t pick them from food if they are used.

You can even make curry leaf Powder which you can use it in food. Or even make an edible paste and mix it with rice.

You can make a tea by steeping the leaves in hot water. And drink this regularly.

Now coming to Beauty benefits It is even great for skin and Hair.

For Skin:

Make a paste with Curd/Yoghurt and curry leaves. Apply it on the face and wash it off after 20 minutes.

Dry the leaves and make a fine paste and add them to your regular face packs or Ubtans.

Make a paste with Curry leaves using rose water and add turmeric. Apply it on the face.

You can even add Honey to your packs.

The Best part about the DIY’s is that you can make your own recipe if you not okay with the mentioned products.

For Hair :

Now Curry leaf happens to be the best remedy for all the hair concerns. Hair fall, hair thinning, Grey hair, all these can be reduced with the regular use of curry leaves.

Hair Oil :

Warm coconut oil of your liking and add curry leaves and cover it with a lid. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Strain the oil and apply it on hair and massage the scalp gently. This oil stays for over a month.

Hair Tonic:

Boil water and add curry leaves generously . Let it boil for sometime till the leaves becomes soft and water changes its colour. Cool it and strain and store it in a dry container.

To use either spray it all over the hair or use it on scalp and massage gently. Add few drops of oil and can be used as a hair serum too.

Hair Mask :

The same recipes can be followed to use it for hair masks too. While using on Hair ditch the turmeric and honey out of it.

Note : Get a Curry leaf plant at home as it grows easily and anywhere.  Remember to check if you are not allergic to curry leaf before using them.

Get Creative with your DIY’s and share your recipes in the comments.

Till next post. Be wise and stay wise.

The Body Shop-Teatree Blemish fade Night lotion

I am a great fan of The Body shop (TBS) products. Whenever I enter their store i have to come back with atleast one product.

I like using Night repair creams and TBS Teatree night lotion just the one i needed. This is my third bottle i guess. I have combination to oily skin which is prone to breaks out often.


Price : Rs. 995/- for 30ml when packed.

About it:

It comes in a pump up nozzle and a cap.

The consistency is in between cream and the gel.



It has a strong Teatree oil scent when applied and goes away eventually.

How i Like it:

I absolutely like it. I always pick this up when my skin is not behaving.

Avoids break outs. ( except during that time of the month).

Takes time to fade out the blemishes.

The lotion gets absorbed into the skin quickly.

And little goes long way. ( I use one or 2 pumps ).

Cons :

Nothing. Totally love it. I would even buy and recommend it.

It may not be suitable for dry skin. If you have dry skin and used this product let me know how it worked out for you.




Maybelline Vivid and Smooth liner by Eye studio – Ocean blue


This is lovely blue eyeliner which can be worn as it is or can play around with the shade.

Price : I dont remember ( when I checked online it varies from Rs.200 to Rs. 299/-)


What I like about it :

It glides smoothly.

Good Pigmentation. (One stroke is enough)

Good staying power.


What I don’t like about it :

We have to manually sharpen it. ( I would have preferred the twister kind of pencil).

Other than that I like this pencil and the shade too.

And That’s how it looks on me. 🙂