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Hair Masks – DIY

In my previous post I wrote about the hair care Click here, In this i am sharing the favorite hair masks which can be made easily at home. They are effective and affordable. You can even customize them to your needs.

Egg Mask :


The famous egg mask. This protein rich mask which most of us use it often and most of avoid it too. The eggy smell.Depending on your hair length take an egg, add half a lemon juice and add few drops of coconut oil. Lemon cuts the smell of the eggs to a large extent. Leave it on for half an hour and shampoo as usual.

Fenugreek/Methi seeds :


Soak handful of these seeds in water overnight or for 4 hours. Grind them into a fine paste mix curd and apply on the hair. Keep it on for half an hour and shampoo.

Milk Mask:


Simplest DIY of all. Just apply raw milk on your hair and cover it with shower cap as it drips. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo. This mask straightens the hair too.

Henna Mask :

I did a post on Henna leaves ( Click here ) .

Take required amount of henna powder and make a paste by mixing curd, few drops of lemon and apply on hair. Leave it on for half an hour and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Curd/Yoghurt mask :

Take curd and a tea spoonful of honey and apply it on the hair. shampoo as usual after 15-20 minutes.

Banana Mask :


This is one of the yummiest hair masks. Make a smoothie out of bananas and add milk to it. Make sure you mash the bananas into a fine paste or else you will end up in the shower for a really long time. wash it off with water. No need to shampoo but if you want to get rid of the banana smell use a mild shampoo.

These are few of my favorite Hair masks and my obsession with oils still continue. I always add few drops of oil to any hair mask i make.

Note : If you oppose using the honey then skip it and add what you comfortable with. That is the beauty of these DIYs.

Tip : Do not dry out the mask completely. Wash them off when it is still moist.

Try these and let me know how it worked, and do share your favorite DIY.


All about Hair care

Today’s post is for all. Anybody who wants to know about hair care this post is for them. It is about the Hair care, myths and the right care. Who does not want hair like Rapunzel even Guys are concerned about their Hair alot these days. Pre mature greying and pre mature hair loss all pre mature these days. We are being exposed to lot of pollution and the radiation and the chemicals we use deliberately and generously on our hair. It is always good to know a little about your hair . As I always say get the basics right. Once you know the basics it is easier to play around it. In this post I am not going to talk about the treatments or any medical care. These are the things which you can keep in mind when it comes to hair care.


First lets bust the myths:

Shampoo every alternate days:

Shampooing alternate days does not do any good to your hair, but can damage it. More products more chemicals are used. Shampoo only when required. Even if it means just once a week. And one rinse is enough as opposed to the famous two rinse ritual.

Braiding hair makes it grow quicker:

Braiding or tight pony tails or tying hair tight in the hair clips breaks the hair and results in hair fall. Let the hair loose and free.

Brush the hair atleast 100 times a day:

Story Slug: next3.ART KRT FASHION STORY SLUGGED: SUMMER KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY EVANS CAGLAGE/DALLAS MORNING NEWS (FORT WORTH OUT) (KRT13-July 24) Moisture, experts say, has a way of upsetting the chemistry in hair, making curly hair curlier and kinking broken ends in straight hair. Using styling products with silicone, not using heated styling appliances and avoiding the sun can all help to combat the frizzies. (DA) AP,PL,ARR (smd41505) 1997 (COLOR) (This photo may be of interest to At-Risk Readers) (Additional photos available on KRT/Presslink or upon request) --NO MAGS, NO SALES -- ORG XMIT: KRT13

Do it only when required. continuous brushing leads to pulling and breaking of the strands and spreads the sebum all over the scalp. If you have a fine hair like mine, it looks flat and dull.

Split ends can be treated:

Myth. No split ends can be treated only by cutting them. All the other solutions are only temporary.

Pulling out one grey hair brings two grey hair back.

If this is true, well we all should pull the black hair too, because we will get the double of what we pulled right.? When it does not bring back the hair, it will cause damage to the scalp causes infections. Pulling hair is not natural.

Facts about hair :

Hair grows only about half an inch.

Excess stress does lead to hair loss.

Use of excess chemical filled products does damage to hair.

Poor lifestyle and eating habits does cause the hair loss.

Unclean and unkept hair causes hair damage.

It does need extra care and love.

Hair Maintenance:

Know your hair type and buy products accordingly. Wrong products cause damage to hair.

Shampoo is for scalp and conditioner is for hair.

Using many products on hair does not give you the best results. Infact it might cause irrepairable damage.
Use natural products as much as you can.

Apply oil/Hair Mask only on clean scalp. Remember we use face mask only on clean face,likewise always apply oil/hair mask on clean hair.

Never comb hair when wet.

Use cotton cloth after shower to soak the water. Do not rub the hair. Let the hair dry naturally as much as you can.

Always cover your hair with scarf or a hat while out in sun.

If you are confused about something get professional help.


Head massages are good for stimulating the hair follicles. Again get them done in the right way.

Hair care Essentials:

I am mentioning the basic hair care essentials according to me are important.

Shampoo and Conditioner (Try and get them natural or paraben&SLS free )

Hair Serum,Hair mask,Hair spray. wide toothed comb.

Avoid treating your hair. If you must, use heat protecting spray.

50-100 strands fall naturally. If you facing excessive hair loss, consult the doctor.Follow strictly what they asked to do.

Include fibre and protein rich diet.

If necessary add the vitamin supplements to your diet. (Any Trichologist can suggest you that).

My Hair care Tip:

I cant say no to Hair oil. I love oiling my hair. I use that as a conditioner. As I dont use the conditioner because it makes my hair flat and limp next day.

Add few drops of peppermint / Rosemary oil in coconut/almond/olive oil and apply it overnight. Peppermint oil stimulates the hair follicles and rosemary acts on any scalp infections. Use any one oil at a time.

Would love to hear your hair care too.

Colorbar Lipstick – Peach crush

I am doing all the lipcolors post and I am saying this is one of my favorites to almost all the ones here. There is a reason I will tell you what. Recently I have been relocated t my home town. So while cleaning and clearing stuff before the actual packing, I gave away lot of my make up stuff very generously. Obviously I kept my favorites with me and gave away not so favorites or any shade friends liked. (You gonna miss them so much, what worth one lipstick is? ) Now you know when i say This is my Favorite. 😛


Price : Rs 299/-


How do I like it :

You go that already that I like it.

Though it is called Peach Crush, it is more of orange shade to it.

Gives a matte finish.

If you put on more coats it can make a good red lipcolor.

This is my Pick me up lipstick. Literally I put on this I look so dressed up.

Good pigmentation. One coat is enough.

It is a great shade for any skin tone.


Can dry out a little bit.

And yes they settle in the lines.


And that’s how it looks on me.

Maybelline – Lip Polish

Today I am going to review one of my favorite lip glosses, well the “Lip polish”. It is the Glam 14. It is a nude lip gloss.

I am not a Lip gloss person, I like lipsticks. I picked this up when I saw one of the actresses donning this in the whole movie.I wanted a nude brown and i found this to be the closest and picked it up and i am happy I did.


Price : Rs. 450/- (it is available at cheaper price at online stores).


How I like it :

The reason i like this gloss is because it evens out the the lip color and gives a natural shine.

It glides on lips smoothly like a butter. 🙂

It has creamy texture.

Not as sticky as other lip glosses.

Does not bleed or settle in the lines.

Instantly brightens my face. Does not give a wash out look.

Everyday wear. Can even be worn to office.


Staying power is less. (But I totally can reapply all the time).


And that’s how it looks on me. 🙂

ColorBar – Tangerino 015

How are you all doing? Mine is very exciting. I Have been revisiting all the places I went as a kid. So That is keeping me all busy because it includes climbing hills and going to fish stunk beaches.

Coming to the reviews I mentioned earlier, today I am posting the colorbar lipsticks and a lip pot. Read on

Color Bar Creme Touch- Tangerino – 015


Price : Rs. 475/-

This looks a bit bold and too orangey in the tube but once applied on the lips it gives that lipbalm effect.

I used this mostly over other orange lipsticks to give much deeper color. 🙂

That color transforms to transparent orange tinge which almost looks like tinted orange shade on the lips.


To me it looks similar to the Revlon Lip butters (Tutti frutti) and once applied it even feels the same.

It glides smoothly on the lips.

Has Vanilla scent.

Adds Shine to the lips.



Staying power is less.

It melts at high temperature. If applied directly you will end up with lot of product on the lips.

Price is a bit steep.

Recommend :

Yes. Keeping the Pigmentation aside, if you looking for an everyday wear orange shade, this one is a good buy.

DIY – Brush Cleaner

I know i said I am too lazy to do anything today. But my dragged my lazy a** out of the bed and decided to clean the Make up brushes. I do not have any brush cleaners as such, this what i do to clean my brushes.


What you need:

Any Kind of oil (Vegetable/coconut). I used coconut oil.

Shampoo/Shower gel. ( I used Shampoo).

Take little in a flat bowl, And swirl the brush in both the ingredients.


And Move the brush on the palm of your hand gently.

You can see all the make up and dirt coming off the brush But just not yet.

Once you think its done wash it off with cold water. Let all the soap and oil wash off too.


And squeeze the bristles gently and lay them flat on the clean cotton cloth to dry.


Note : Be very gentle while cleaning, these ingredients cleans the brush easily. So no pressure or extra energy required.

// //


Life is all changes. What you have today may become what you had by tomorrow. Things change, People and circumstances come and go. Life doesn’t stop for anybody. It moves rapidly and rushes from calm to chaos in a matter of seconds, and happens like this to all of us every day. ‪#‎TheShivaTribe‬ .Sometimes the shortest split second in time changes the direction of our lives. A seemingly harmless decision rattles our whole world like earthquake. But remember however good or bad a situation is now, it will change. Change is the only constant thing in life. Every fraction of a second is different, and we resist it & suffer sometimes. Learn to adapt, be flexible and look for the beauty in life’s changes, even when they aren’t what you want. The key is to cope with it in healthy ways, rather than hopeless ways like screaming, drinking alcohol, feeling sorry and sad etc. Discuss your problems honestly with a friend. Mediate and exercise, Focus on the next step forward rather than crying over the past. Realise that nothing is more beautiful and powerful than a smile that has struggled through the tears. #TheShivaTribe .So don’t regret your time, even the moments that were filled with painful life changes. Smile because you learned from these twists and turns and gained the strength to rise above them. Its not what you have been through that defines who you are, it’s how you got through it that has made you the person you are today, and the person you are capable of being tomorrow! Love, Light & Peace ~ Boom Shankar!
Namaste ~ Shubh Prabhat!!

The above read is sent to me when I was upset.  I didn’t read it then,  because of it is a long message but when I read it I wanted to share it with you all too.  This helped me hope it helps you too. 

This week is an exciting week here on the blog.  Interesting reviews coming up. Today I am facing the blues so mostly I will spend my day dragging myself out of this couch. 😉


Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming cleanser

Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming cleanser : Thorough cleansing with long lasting oil control for the deepest feeling clean.


Price : Rs 95/- for 50 g

White thick creamy texture.


It cleanses well. You can actually feel the skin is like squeaky clean.

It does not dry our the skin.

I use this Cleanser when I am outdoors whole day long.

I dont think it works the best for dry skin.

if you have Oily skin this one is for you.

Gone Girl – Review

I loved the book. I loved it. There are like hand full of characters in the book and wow! The reason why I bought this book is, it was playing on tv and I could see only for 45mins of the movie. I wanted to know what happened.


As I saw the beginning of the movie, I imagined Ben Affleck (Adam Sandler sometimes) in the character of Nick while reading. The things that Amy writes in her diary, are like every woman wants her man to react that way and the way she makes you feel so bad for her and towards the end you cant help but say B***t*h. Nick’s affair, the treasure hunt, the clues. Towards the end, I so wanted Amy to get caught,but what a life it would be to continuously Out think your partner through out your life just to stay alive. After you finish reading, it actually makes you wonder ,The Love between them, the way they know each other, they both are so perfect for each other.

Favorite lines:

Would you kill someone for me?

Unconditional love is Undisciplined love.

Though I wanted Amy to get caught, I loved her character planning, always alert, focus, Patience,discipline. Anyone Hurts her does not go unpunished.

Nick’s comparisons with his father, his bond with his twin sister Go, laid back attitude, avoiding to deal with his feelings, Its like every guys attitude.

Gillian flynn, the characters Amy take up according to the situations around her are very clear, even in the beginning the way the stories have been narrated by the main characters gives you a different idea of what exactly is happening.

If I go on writing, I might end up writing the story here, (A book is always better than a movie, Movie is like icing on top). If you have not read it yet, so go grab a copy .

Let me know how you like it?


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Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Face Pack (Papaya.Apple)

How is your weekend coming along? In one of my reviews i mentioned I cant remember anything of Himalaya products. Since then I see their products only. So happens right?!

Coming to today’s Himalaya product ,it is a Papaya apple face pack for Norma to dry skin . Though my skin is combination to oily, sometimes it acts funny. I picked it up for those times.


Price : Rs 70/- for 50g


I like the pack. I am more of a neem and tulsi packs kind of a girl. This face pack is a savior.

I use the face packs to avoid Breakouts after Threading the facial hair.

This dries up quickly and does not stretch out while drying.

My face looks clean and fresh.

2015-10-14_14.17.14 (1)