Month: June 2015

10 Beauty Uses of Baby oil


Baby oil is made of 98% Mineral oil and 2% perfume.

  1. Moisturizer : Apply this onto the skin after the shower when it is still damp for soft and smooth skin
  2. Make up Remover : Great for removing even the stubborn make up on the face. It removes not only the make up but also grime and dirt on the skin.
  3. Oil Cleansing Method: Use this for oil cleansing. Take few drops and apply on the face directly. Massage gently for 2-3 mins and wash it off with gentle face wash. No need to apply moisturizer. If you want you can add few drops of tea tree oil along with the Baby oil.
  4. For a healthy glow, you can add few drops of baby oil in your moisturizer or in the foundation.
  5. Ever wondered, how super models legs shine, well, their secret’s out. Apply baby oil generously onto your legs and get the shinier legs.
  6. Use this to remove stubborn after waxing stains.
  7. Make your own cleansing pads. Place a few cotton pads and pour few drops of baby oil and store them in a box. Whenever in need, just wipe your face with these.
  8. Tame those baby hair or the frizz by using baby oil. Pour oil on a cotton pad and gently wipe over the frizz or the hair. Dont use this directly on the hair as it may weigh down and feel heavy
  9. Use this as the cuticle oil.
  10. Apply this on the feet for smooth and soft heels. (Wear socks for the quick results).

Few more uses of this oil.

  • Can be used to clean the make up brushes. Take some oil in the bowl and swirl the brushes in the oil, wipe them and wash them off.
  • Mix any aroma oil with this and use as the massage oil.
  • Apply this before shaving and see how different the shaving experience will be.
  • Can be used to remove temporary tattoos.
  • Stickers and Band-aids can be removed easily by applying baby oil.

Beauty Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

After a week long gap I am writing again. And I have come up with the very useful post for the confusing weather we are having these days. Vaseline is the famous brand for the petroleum jelly. And is always with me even when I am travelling. There is nobody who does not have used this in their life atleast once. Petroleum jelly helps in locking the moisture of the skin for a very longtime leaving it all supple and smooth. It is water repellent so some might feel its heavy on their skin as it form s like a layer over the skin. It does not clog pores. so no break outs.Now lets see how we can accommodate this wonder jelly into our daily beauty regime.

  • Can be used as a moisturizer if you have really dry skin. (Knees and elbows)
  • Apply this all over the lashes as mascara or just use your fingers for thicker and longer lashes.(Can be used eyebrow gel)
  • Apply it over the cracks on the heels. You can apply this all over the feet and wear socks for that super smooth and soft feet.
  • Use it as a lipbalm and Lip scrub. (Take a pea size of petroleum jelly and sugar / sea salt. Gently scrub it on the lips and wipe it off with a clean cloth).
  • This is one tip i am sure you will all thank me, If you are clumsy while painting your nails apply this around your nails before painting the nails. The nail paint comes off easily from the cuticles when it is dried.
  • You can apply it on the burnt and cut areas.
  • I heard it can be used to treat the split ends though I have never used it on my hair.

Last word : Now this is one product which is easily available and the cheapest of all the products but gives the results better than all the high end products. I personally use this when my skin needs serious moisturizing or i have to deal with any of the above mentioned concerns. I love to use it on my feet.

Use it at the night time for better results as It might feel little heavy on the skin and dirt and dust gets easily stuck on the skin during day time.:-) Let me know how else you use this product.

Natural Homemade Beauty tips for skin – DIY’s



Those who stay away from the store bought products and look for the natural and homemade solutions to take care of the skin, then this is a must read. These are from the natural and easily available ingredients at home.

  1. This one is known to everyone and very versatile. Mix a tablespoon gram flour, few drops of lemon juice,honey, curd. Apply it on the face leave it on for 15 minutes. You can adjust the ingredients as per your needs. Works for all skin types.
  2. Wipe the face with raw milk to clean any left over dirt on the face. Suitable for all skin types especially the dry skin.
  3. I remember when we were kids,we applied fresh milk cream to our face and body before bath. This not only moisturises but also makes the skin soft and smooth. Suitable for dry and combination skin.
  4. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and orange juice and add honey. Apply all over the face and leave it on for 25 mins, wash it off with cold water for the glowing and supple skin. Best for combination to oily skin. This can be used as anti-tan mask too.
  5. I already mentioned the Tomato scrub in my previous posts which you can try for removing the tan. You can read here
  6. Apply Cinammon powder and honey over the acne or the pimples to get rid off them quicker. Do not apply on the open acne or pimples, it might sting. ouch..

Note: Though these are all from the natural ingredients, Please check for any allergic reactions and discontinue to use.

Super tip : Drink lots of water. Add colored vegetables and fruits to your diet for that healthy and natural glow of your skin.

How to pick the right Blush shade


Like Foundations, Blushes can make or break your whole make up look. Too light can give wash out look or too much gives a clown like look. We don’t want either of those looks. So here are few tips to pick the right shade of the blush. You don’t have to break your head over the blushes. It is not as difficult as picking the foundation shade. Blushes are different from high lighters.

Again, for this you need to know your skin tone. Lets put this in 3 categories. 1. Fair, 2. Medium, 3. Dark. Once you got the skin tone , we will move onto the next step.

What texture or finish you looking for?

There are different forms of blushes.
Cream/mousse: Gives more natural finish, gets absorbed into the skin. Great for dry skin
Powder: These give matte finish. Though some blushes have shimmer in them, they just aids in giving a healthy glow. Great for combination to oily skin.
Cheek stains: These are in liquid form comes with the applicator/wand. Need to be little careful while blending, as it tends to dry soon.

The shades which are suitable for your skin tone

Fair : They can get away with any shade. Peach, light pinks looks good, though sometimes you need to 3-4 strokes to get that natural blush look

Medium: Most of the shades looks good. Peaches, soft corals, pinks.

Dark : Dark pinks, oranges looks good on you. Lighter shades will give you that washed out look so strictly stay away from bit can use medium subtle shades.


If used correctly concealers can be your “Must have” product. Concealers brighten the face,cover pimple/acne marks, dark under-eye circles.There are different types of concealers for different concerns.Under eye concealers,correctors, Body concealers.


  • Buy a concealer 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Test the shade below the ear and it should be lighter than the skin tone, but don’t go too light as it might look patchy. 
  • If you want to cover the pimples or acne marks then get the same shade as your skin tone.
  • Mostly go for water resistant/proof concealers.

How to apply:

  • Concealer is the first make up product you apply on the face (Use the Primer first). Using concealer over foundation might make your face look patchy and remove the foundation.
  • Apply on the desired area in dots like fashion and dab it to blend by using a concealer brush. Never rub the concealer to blend.
  • If you want to use fingers, then use the ring finger as it has the less pressure to blend the concealer.
  • Thumb rule for using concealer is to apply in thin or sheer layers and then build it on as needed.
  • When covering the pimples or zits,apply it at the base of the pimple.
  • Apply loose/translucent powder to set the concealer for longtime.
  • If you think you applied too much of the product, use a face tissue to blot it. You can use the Q-tip with make up remover,wipe it around and reapply.

Concealers comes in different forms. Liquid,sticks,pots,pens.

  • Liquid concealers are great for under eye coverage. They are easily blendable and gives a good coverage.
  • Sticks and pots gives a heavy coverage.Can be used for marks, scars,blemishes.
  • Correcting pens are used again for under eyes or on dark marks before applying the concealer. They can be used to highlight the brows or certain parts of the face. Can be used in the inner corner of the eye to brighten the look.

Bonus Tips:

  • If you have a good skin, you can skip the concealer.
  • If you want light coverage apply foundation first and see if you still need the concealer then use it.
  • Or You can just use the concealer and set it with loose powder and skip the foundation altogether.

What are Primers


Primers are used as the base for the Face Make up. It is the first step in the make up. They are primarily used to increase the time for the make up on the face. They also claim to give an even finish and even tones. It is a serum like products gets absorbed into the skin easily.

There are Primers available for every specific part of the face

  • Foundation Primers
  • Lip Primers:
  • Eye Primers
  • Mascara Primers

Foundation Primers : Increases the time of the make up on the face. Decreases fine lines and wrinkles. And evens out the skin.

Lip/Eye/Mascara Primers : These are made specifically for these parts and are gentle. They give a base for the make up and helps it stay longer on the face.

How to Apply Primers:

Wash your face and moisturize with your regular moisturizer.

  • Take The required amount of foundation primer as per the instructions. And apply all over the face avoiding the eye area. Wait for a minute and let it dry before you start with your foundation.

    Bonus Tip: You can use your BB cream as the primer.

How to find the right shade of foundation

Getting the right shade of the foundation is very important for the whole make up look. The wrong shade can ruin even the other right products on the face. It is again confusing in what and how to pick the right shade for you. Here are the few tips which can help you in picking the right shade.


Know your skin type:

First thing know your skin type, whether it is dry/sensitive/oily/combination. Once you know your skin type look for the foundations made that are especially made for your skin type. It is usually mentioned on the cover. For dry skin, go for moisturizing foundations or cream foundations. For Combination skin go for water based or powder finished. Mineral foundations often work out for all the skin types. For oily skin, go for oil control,matt finish.

There are 4 types of foundation.


Cream based



Oily Skin: Pressed and Matte finish foundations

Dry Skin : Liquid Foundations with Hydrating properties.

Normal Skin : can pick any based on your needs.

Know your needs.

Once you know your skin type, next step is your need. What are you expecting from the foundation?. Do not expect miraculous transformations. Think about what you exactly need foundation for. Light coverage or Medium/Heavy. Light coverage gives you the natural finish if you have a good skin, while medium helps you cover the light marks. Go for heavy coverage if you need to cover the dark marks. Don’t just go for heavy coverage directly, Opt for medium coverage if you need to cover up any marks, because you can build up on.

Once you clear about these two, now comes picking the right shade.

  • There is a very popular way pick the shade. You can go by your undertones, Cool,warm and neutral. It is easy to determine your undertones. people who have fair skin and gets easily burned in the sun have cooler undertones,These can pick foundations with red/blue base. The dark skinned ones have warmer undertones.They can pick with yellow or golden bases. Neutral ones can pick anything that works for them at the time. 
  • Another way of knowing your undertones. If the gold jewelry looks good on you, its warm undertones and if the silver looks good then its cool.
  • One more way, If your veins on the inner wrist looks blue, then you have cool undertones,if they appear green the you have warm undertones and if you have blue and green equally,you are neutral.

I shared this just for you to know about all the ways to pick the shade. I find going by undertones is very confusing and most of the SA’s don’t even know about these. You can get the right shade without bothering about the undertones.

Here is what you can do.

  • Always go the store to buy the foundation. You can tell the Sales Assistants (SA) what you looking for. Try the shades which matches your skintone,also try one lighter and one darker for reference. 
  • Always test the shade on the jawline (As opposed to the popular wrist test).
  • Apply as much as you think you will apply everyday.
  • After testing, go where there is natural light cause the store lights can mislead you.
  • The right shade should completely blend into your skin. (Disappear).
  • If you are not sure, you can walk around for sometime to see how it looks after drying. Few foundations gets oxidized and change the color. 
  • Check whether the shade you picked meets the basic expectations you have set. These can differ depending on the climatic conditions too.
  • Sometimes,if you are in between the skin tones, you might need to mix two shades to get the perfect shade for your skin.

These things should help you pick the right shade of foundation. Leave in the comments which foundation is your perfect one.

DIY’s – Remedies for Acne/Pimples

In one of my previous posts I mentioned the basic and the important things to consider when you have acne. Following that post ( )Today I am sharing a few of the home remedies for acne. These are very easy to make and easily available and don’t forget “very effective”. Even Guys can give these a try. Lets see which one will become your favorite :-).

Ice cubes: Now this is the easiest remedy you could ever possibly use. Just take an ice cube and put it in a clean wash cloth and dab it over the acne. It reduces the inflammation and the redness of the acne and helps in closing the pores as well. Now here comes the interesting part, You can add lemon juice or green tea and make lemon and green tea ice cubes. These are equally effective and easy to use.

Aloe vera Gel: If you have the plant at home, you can take the gel directly from them and apply it on the affected area. Or you can use the store brought products as well. But make sure they are from the trusted and reputed brands.

Cinnamon/Pepper and honey: Not all three together but cinnamon-honey and Pepper-honey works great as acne treatment. Mix Cinnamon/black pepper powder with honey,make a paste and apply only on the acne.You can leave this overnight and wash it off in the morning (Like spot Treatment). Do not apply this on the open acne/pimples.

Fenugreek leaves/Seeds: Make a paste from the fenugreek/methi leaves and apply on the effected area. Or you can soak the seeds,grind them mix it with little curd and apply it on the acne. Keep it on for 15 -20 minutes and wash it off.

Neem Paste: This is the oldest remedy for acne . You can either use the neem powder which is easily available or any neem based face packs. Either way they are very effective and works best for acne.

Tea tree oil/Lavender oil: These two oils can be applied directly onto the acne/pimples. If you have sensitive skin,you can dilute it with water or aloevera gel.

These are the remedies which I have personally tried and use these whenever I need to.

Things to remember:

Do not scrub or massage vigorously the acne affected area.
Have Patience. They dont magically disappear overnight. It takes time to heal and get that clear skin.
You need to take a little extra care when it comes to your skin care routine.
Use toner to close or minimise the pores, followed by a good moisturizer.You can make your own toners from here.( )
Acne is not a disease, its a skin condition. so, relax, get good sleep, eat healthy and exercise.

DIY – Facial Toners

In one of my last posts ( )I mentioned about the beauty benefits of using toners. In this I am sharing few toners which can be made and used in a jiffy.



This is one product which is so versatile and used extensively in face packs. After cleansing just wipe the face with rosewater and done. Good for all skin types.

Cucumber water

Grate a cucumber and squeeze out the juice. Apply it to the face using a cotton pad. Can be stored for a week if refrigerated properly.

Green Tea

This is my favourite toner of all time. Just boil water and a green tea bag or leaves, leave it for 10 mins, strain and store it. Use it when ever is needed.

Ice cubes

Yes, Ice cubes. Rub the ice cube all over the face after cleansing it helps in closing the pores and tightening the skin.

Lemon Water

Who can leave lemon when it comes to DIY’s. Take the juice from one lemon and add same amount of distilled water (or just boil the water and cool it). Toner s ready. Excellent for oily skin and for removing the tan too.

Aloevera juice

You can directly take aloevera juice onto the cotton pad and use it as a toner or add few drops of lemon juice to it and use.

Mint/Basil/Neem leaves

Boil required amount of water add any of the above mentioned leaves, simmer it for 5 minutes. Let it cool,strain and use it. Can be stored. But make it in small amounts as there are no preservatives added in these.

Bonus Tip: You can add little sea salt to the solution. Removes the left over grim and dirt.

Last word:

Do not wipe away the Toners, Let them dry on their own when applied.

Always dilute the lemon juice when used on the face. These are the ones which I have tried and use. I find them very effective as I can make them according to my needs. Let me know which toner You use everyday 

Soaps / Face washes

How many of you use soap for face thinking it is okay to use as you already use it for the rest of the body?. For some using face wash is a luxury or no time to use face wash, using soap is just easy. I did a bit of research online and found some pretty good and convincing facts. Let me share those with you.

Why soap is bad for your face:

  • The neutral pH is 7.Anything below 7 is acidic and above is alkaline. Our skin pH varies from 4 to 6 which makes it acidic. And the soaps ph is more than 7 which makes them alkaline. When you combine these it disturbs the skin pH balances resulting in pimples, zits and acne too.
  • Even the most oily skin pH is below 7, so cannot use this as a reason to use soap on face.
  • Using soap on face makes skin dry, tight causing wrinkles at early age.
  • It strips off the natural oils on the face leaving it dull.

Why use face washes / cleansers:

  • They maintain the pH balance of your skin.
  • The skin is more gentle than the rest of the body.
  • They leave skin smooth and clean.
  • Does not remove the natural oils of the skin.

There are variety of face washes suitable for every skin type and needs. There are few soaps and face bar especially made for facial cleansing so do not confuse these with regular soap bars. Leave in the comments what facewash you use? Till then Be wise and Stay wise.