Month: September 2015

New Week

How was your weekend. Mine was very busy and I had fun too. From This week that is October 1st we are thinking of doing the Product reviews. So I am looking at a busy week. Dont I just love it when my schedule is busy.¬†I would love to know your plans for this week. Do share them in the comments ūüôā


With this lets start our Week.



Finally done with my dental visits. All this while if i was taking good care of my teeth, I am going to¬†start taking super extra care. You want to know why read on. Have you ever closed all the doors and windows to avoid the noise you get from your near by construction site? yes. Now Imagine the same thing is happening in your mouth. Drilling noises,mortar sounds..You cant even close your mouth to avoid the noise. You have to keep it wide open. When one sense is paused other senses take full charge. You hear tiniest sound and smell the faintest scents. Thank God we close our eyes and clench our fists so that we dont see and feel the working area. If Somehow we manage this part, we still have our mouth open not just the dentist, his/her assistant too. I am not going to talk about the phrases like “Open Wider” ¬†here.

When you having a bad day, instead you punching someone, you become a punching bag to your dentist.Thank God, that they keep their frustrations in control.

If you having an emotional bad day, Do not worry, whatever you think, little left of your dignity and self esteem it will all be lost only at dentist’s chair.if your dentist is in hurry, you better plaster your tongue to the other side and drool. You cant control everything in your life you know. But look at the brighter side, When you come out of the clinic you are a new person, “You are a survivor”, “You are a fighter”, You can take on this world like the way it meant to be”. I think i am ready to do a post on Oral Hygiene. ūüėõ

If I am taking on the world , I am doing it in the half top knot ūüėÄ

Half top knot


I have no Idea…I am just winging life …my Eyeliner ūüėČ


Another one


Lip Scrub – DIY

When So many things are happening around and with you, and you have to focus on one thing at at time, Its difficult. This is exactly what is happening with me right. All at once. I am trying to find an order in this chaos, hopefully i get it by this weekend. Weekend is almost here. Isn’t it a long weekend this time? What your plans?

Today’s post, I have been wanting to do this from last time, and today I had to do. This is Lip scrub and it takes less than 5 minutes.

All you need for this DIY –


Castor/Brown sugar

Coconut oil/Almond/Olive.

Peppermint oil (Optional)

Small Container (For storing)

Tooth picks

Take the sugar in the container and add any oil (I used coconut oil) of your choice drop wise. Mix it with tooth pick. Check for the consistency and add few more drops of oil.


Add A drop of peppermint oil just for that tingly tangly feel. (This step is completely optional)

Go easy on the oil, if it becomes too oily, then becomes difficult to scrub (from experience ūüôā )


How to use it: 

Take little scrub and gently scrub your lips with your ring finger. And Wipe it off. You don’t need to apply Lip balm after that. ¬†You can use this regularly to get soft smooth lips.

Make up Essentials

Hello All! How is the day going? Mine a bit busy, and have a busy week ahead. These tips and tricks I am writing here are quite a reminder for me. And I hope these help you too.


If you are a beginner or even a person who uses make up on daily basis, buying the products can be overwhelming sometimes. There are so many products to pick from so many brands. If you are on a budget this can be quite frustrating because each one looks better than each one. If you overspend on these things, i hope this post will be helpful to you.

Make Up essentials are basically what u need. It can divided into

  1. Face
  2. Eyes
  3. Lips
  4. Cheeks

Face :


Foundations: Foundations and concealers fall in this category. In the world of BB creams, Foundation still plays an important role in make up routine. It is good to own 2 shades of foundation. One, that absolutely suits your skin color and the other a shade darker for those tanned days. Pick a foundation which suits your needs.

Here is link to how to pick the foundation :



Your Make up looks mostly depends on the eye make up. You can play it up or down , either ways you need to own these.

  • kajal,
  • Eye liner (one black and any colored one),
  • Mascara,
  • 2 palettes of eyeshadows (for daily & party wear)



Okay this is where we go crazy, I gave away so many lipsticks because no way i was going to use them soon. I am not going to say anything here. You can either have one of each kind like the lipstick/gloss/pot/balm etc., or just get one lipstick and gloss.



Recently I started using this regularly. Peaches and the Pinks are the best bet. Click on the link to know how to pick the blush for your skin tone.

If your everyday make up look is minimal then just get one of each part. If you experiment with your looks then you can pick one of each kind available.

Remember, Do not buy products if you dont use them. Because the shell life for these products differ and surprisingly less.


Hope that helps. If you have anything to add to this, please leave it in the comments below.

Things to remember while buying Make up Products

In one of my posts, I shared Tips and tricks for smart shopping. In this post I am going to share the things you should remember while buying Make up Products.

Make a List :


Making a list is always first on my list. Always Always make a list. Not just saves Money but also Time.

Free Make overs:


If you are not sure on what to buy, go and try the Make up at the stores. There are free make overs at the malls,give them a try. Almost all the Make up stores are more than glad to help you decide which make up suits you.

Try it on by yourself:


When you get a rough idea on what to buy, try them out by yourself.¬†Because its you who puts them on everytime. This will help you know how it looks on you and also to practice the techniques if you didn’t know earlier.

Walk Around:

If you are sure on what to buy, go ahead and pick it up. If not then walk around. You dont have to buy every store you go to. But be nice to the sales people at the counter. Meanwhile check how the make up looks on you in Natural light. If this helps you decide go back and own them.

Take a Friend along:


It is always fun to take a friend along isn’t it. And the best, they can help you decide.

Once you decide on what to buy remember to quickly check for these things:

Expiry date: 


  • Make it a habit to check for the expiry dates for anything you buy.
  • Check for the Packaging. If the packaging is ideal for your needs. But this can be missed.

Thats Meee :-D

How is the weekend treating you. Mine is going super lazy and i am loving it.Thinking of doing some writing this weekend. Alright this is me on “Ganesh Chaturdi”. After taking Billion selfies, this is the one i liked.


Let me know how you celebrated the festival.

Tip of the Day

Hi all ! Weekend is here Yay! Not that it makes any difference to me but weekend is a weekend. And that too 3 days Long weekend. Hehehe Enough of this weekend talk. How were the festival celebrations?. What your weekend plans?

Today’s post is about how to save the dried mascara. Mascaras dry up quickly. This is due to air that enters the tube when we use the mascara. To avoid this swrirl the wand in the tube. If the mascara dries up within its expiry date you can use this trick.

If your mascara is dried and clumpy, add few drops of baby oil or eye drops. You can add coconut oil/Almond oil too. But make sure you add dropwise and see the consistency.


Place this in a cup of hot water for some time and it is as good as a new one.


You can do the same hot water trick with lip glosses too.

5 Tips and Tricks to shop smart

My heart broke into pieces when i had to give away almost all my make up products as I was sure i would not finish them with in the expiry date. I noticed I had 3 or 4 of the same products and the products barely used. Okay now I dont even have to say it out loud I am a Make up addict. Not as much as i do make up but I love buying them. I still remember the days when I wanted to do the research about blogging and stuff, I got hooked to these beauty and make up blogs. And these blogs and the tutorials make make up so easy that i bought all the possible products to try it on.


The problem came where i was waiting for weekends to shop for the products I wanted to try certain style of make up and Don’t forget my online shopping orders too. Thousands of money went into that. And what happened to all that stuff. When it came¬†I tried it on, and when it did¬†not turn out as good as i thought, it found¬†its place at the back of my drawer. It lied there dusted and forgotten. And the cycle repeats. This was my make up¬†saga 2 years ago. So what happened 2 years ago that changed my perspective about shopping? The obvious thing. I was broke. I could not afford any of these products and i was forced to use whatever i already own. Believe me, you will come up with the most innovative and creative ways to use the products. So thats it, I had to be broke to stop me from this obsession. Well I am not saying even you should be broke too. But being smart and saving money doesn’t hurt anyone. I am hoping these tips will help you to be a smart shopper.

  1. Make a list:


Yes make a list  of all the things you want to buy for yourself. Now take a good look at that list and Differentiate between the basic essentials and the ones you fancy to own. For example, face/body washes, moisturizers, lotions, shampoos, you get it right! what includes here. The Things you fancy to own are, you dont need them ,you just want to buy because you saw them online or because of the attractive packaging or you want to start using that particular product. Once you get this sorted you will now have a clear idea on what to buy first.

2. Budget:


This is the most important thing in every aspect. BUDGET. As we are talking about the Make up and beauty shopping set a budget for that. This is what I do, I set a budget for my personal expenses and that includes my shopping too. Once I am done with buying the essentials, I have an idea on how much is remaining. I either spend that on buying what comes in that budget or save it for next time. A bonus tip, Always Carry cash with you while shopping, it helps you stay with in the budget.

3. Research: 


Now this is where all that obsession with blogs and you tube videos comes in handy. Before you decide on what u want to buy, do a bit of research online. There are many reviews of the same product from the professionals and a clear description of the products. Check these before you step out to buy anything. See what you liked about that product and cross refer whether it is your style or it suits you, then decide. It saves both time and money. As much as we get tempted seeing the videos and reading the reviews online, it is important to check with yourself whether you will use that product or not. One more thing, go through your drawer just to be sure that product you eyeing to buy is already not in your vanity .

4. No Discounts/Sales:


This is a real tester. How many times I walked through the make up counters and bought the stuff i didnt need because they were¬†on sale. It was like “oh they are on sale we should buy them” so what if we dont need them. if its there we will use them isn’t it?. ¬†Actually, the excitement of picking up stuff on sales goes away as soon as we reach home.¬†When you dont need it what is the point of paying even the discounted price for it. Be strong. Stick to your list. And walk away ever so proudly from those counters without buying anything you dont need.

5. Buy Later:


When in confusion always buy later. Come home and wait for a day or two. By then you would know whether you want to buy it or not. If you are really sure you want to pick it up go ahead and buy or if you still in dilemma Take along a friend/someone whose decision you value and take their opinion. This way you can make a fun day out of it too.


For your regular products, you can check for online offers. If you buying anything new always buy it from the store or remember the name and number and order online.

Shopping should be fun not a regrettable or painful experience. I hope with these tips you will make your shopping experience a smart and fun one.

Stay wise and shop wise.:-)

Beauty Benefits of Rose water

Due to its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties it is well known in the beauty world.I am sure each one of you have used this atleast once till now. For what ever reason you used this or still use this, we are going to give few more ways you can include Rosewater in your beauty regime.


Lets see how:


Place cotton pads soaked in rose water to get rid of Dark circles or the Puffy eyes.


Wipe your face with rosewater to remove dirt and gentle make up.

Use it as a toner. It is good for treating acne as it removes the dirt and cleans the pores.


Mix rosewater instead of water in the home made face packs.

On lazy days just apply rosewater on your face as moisturizer. (This one is my favorite).


Go Cleopatra style, Add milk and rose petals to your bath for soft skin and lingering fragrance.

You can add Rose water or few drops of rose oil to your bath.


Regular use of Rosewater can reduce wrinkles and delays ageing.


Spray rosewater mist, to brighten the dull and tired face.

Can be used after shaving and also for sunburns as it has the cooling properties.

Can be used as Body mist too if you are sensitive to strong scents.

How to make Rose water at home : 


Add rose petals to the distilled water and boil till the water reduces to half and changes the color. Cool it down and store it in refrigerator. Always make small batches at the most for a week.