Month: February 2016

Revlon Colorbust Matte balm


Color : Sultry Sulfureuse #225

Price : Rs. 790/-

How I liked it :

I have been living on this lip balm from past 2 weeks. I planned my travel for a week and it is extended to almost 3 weeks now. I packed light this time and that includes my vanity too. So I have this one and the other is Mary Poppins (Review ).

Sultry, to me is a nude peach with brown undertones. On me its almost becomes a nude shade, which I absolutely love. It gives a fresh look to my face.

  • Great Pigmentation (One swipe is enough to get the color)
  • Glides on smoothly .
  • Twister packaging, so no need of sharpener. Twist the silver base of it.
  • Have minty fragrance. Which I like. Some may not like though.
  • As it is a balm it moisturizes pretty well.
  • On contrary to the above, as it has matte properties,it tends to dry out the lips.
  • Staying power is super good. Stays on the same for almost 3- 4 hrs leaving a nice tint behind.


It does transfer a bit. Keeping the price apart this is an absolute travel companion. Just twist and use.



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Skin Things You must do

Hellooo…My first post of the week. :-D. How is ya week coming along?. Mine shows change of place, probably travel. Never know.

Coming to today’s post, I am listing out few must do things for healthy and beautiful skin. We girls go that extra mile to get the clear and spotless skin. In that run, we often forget the basic things. In this post I sorted out the basic skin care things we all must do.


Face wash : Always use a gentle soap free face wash on face. Pick the one that matches your skin needs.

Moisturizer : Now always always moisturize when ever you wash your face. And one more thing, change your moisturizer once in a while.

Sun Screen : (This one is a note to self too) Never step out of the house without sunscreen. If you work outdoors, reapply the sunscreen every two hours.

Scrub Away : Use a gentle exfoliator or scrub twice a week to remove the dead cells.


Face Pack : Use the pack once a week. You can use either store bought or the DIY,s ( You can take few ideas from here : DIY’s )

Cleanups/Facials : Which ever facial fancies you, get them once a month. There are many do it at home facial kits which you can try).

Groom it : To look always photo ready, get the eyebrows done. If you have facial hair, go for permanent solution or threading is the second best solution. ( Facial hair is mostly due to harmonal imbalances,so get a medical check up done before you decide on any other solution).

Remove Make up : Always remove your make up before you sleep. On the tired and lazy days, keep few cleansing pads on the bedside table, so you wouldn’t miss a day.


Diet: What we put inside is what is shown out. Vegetables and fruits can do only good t skin and also the whole body. Atleast include one potion of fruit or vegetables for the healthy looking skin.

Water : Drinking 8 glasses of water everyday does wonders to the skin,but drinking warm water improves the digestion and the results show on skin.

Follow a healthy skin regime which works out for you. And do share your ideas in the comments.

Be wise Beauty wise,


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Divya Jaladi



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5 Beauty hacks every girl should know

I am listing out 5 beauty hacks every working girl should know.  These are the quick fixes when you are in a hurry or in a beauty fix.

  • Get Multi purpose Products :  Get products which can be used for multiple purposes. Like cheek and lip tint, Brow and eyeliner, tinted moisturizers, you get the idea right.

cheek stain

  • Baby powder : We all know the baby powder trick for the greasy hair. If you have dark hair and you in hurry, it can be a curse. It might form a white film on the hair taking up more time than the regular shower. So how do you use it? Dab some powder on the previous night before going to sleep. This gives the powder to soak up the oil and wake up to dry, washed like hair.

dry shampoo

  • Shower before : We all do this when we know we have an early start next day. Shower on the previous night. What about hair then? Wash your hair and tie them into two braids or 3 depending on the thickness when the hair is still damp. Next morning untie them and voila ! beautiful curls. Run your fingers through them and do not comb.


  • Vaseline/Petroleum jelly : To get softer and pedicured looking feet next day. Clean the feet, apply thick coat of vaseline and wear socks. Vaseline works as a feet mask. this trick works the same for hands too.


  • Go Red : If you have snoozed a bit longer than usual and left with no time for make up. Worry not. Paint your lips with your favorite red lippie. This gives a made up and instantly brightens the face too.


Hope these help you on the busy mornings. Would love to hear your tips in the comments.


Divya Jaladi.



A call from my mother made me write this post. I wanted to write about them twice before but I just let it go, thinking I might have had high expectations. I come from a place where personal grooming and getting beauty services is a luxury. And Their beauty needs are decided by the beauty parlor or so called treatment centers. I am so p**sed and angry that I feel helpless.

So This is Anoos , a beauty salon and treatment center. And I am talking about the Guntur center in Andhra. My mother started going to this place for the ageing spots which are dark spots on the face. I try to avail their services every now and then, I never used to get an appointment with them. They are always ever so busy even to do the eyebrows.

I did not have a single pleasant experience to talk about. I feel they dupe people and sell their services. People like my mother who are not used to going to parlours and goes this place, they become like a fresh bait to them. They keep asking to join something or the other and made her uncomfortable.

If you planning on going to this place,remember these things,

  • Be prepared to spend unnecessarily.
  • If you not already feeling bad about your looks, go there to get the confirmation.
  • Be ready to take what they want to give rather than what you need.
  • Be careful, the working staff are the future entrepreneurs, they may not like touching your feet and stuff.
  • Nothing is good with you, you need lot of treatments.
  • Free Beauty Advice and mostly wrong.
  •  If you planning take any service or their voucher, Please ASK for the whole information.Half knowledge idiots. They are just happy they made a sale. ( My mother bought a card from them which is like a membership card to avail the services at discounted prices. They never mentioned that it expires in 6 months and they call now saying it will expire by 21 st of this month and they can extend it till 23 rd of this month. How generous isn’t it!. we have more than half the money left in the card. No carry overs, if I have to renew I have to pay double to what I paid initially.

When asked what will happen to my money, they said I should have planned properly. And asked me to go for an advanced hair cut and facial to spend that money. How considerate.

I have no idea how to react also. This is some of the answers they gave me.

Once, instead of treatment, they gave my mother a facial and were charging her. When I asked why did you give facial ?

Anoos: Facial is good.

Me:Why didnt you check with us before giving the facial whether we would like to get it?

Anoos: Why?! Facial is good.

Me:Why is it difficult to get appointments?

Anoos: We give appointments.

Me:You are so busy is it?

Anoos: we have enough staff, We have 3 extra.

They are so uninterested, they will sit and talk but wont do the job, and push and push and push you for sales. Their prices are so high compared to other salons.

Please think twice before you go there. They have centers all over, so its advisable to check with them before you give them your money.







Tip of the day


I have seen this tip on Band Baaja baarat and thought would share this hear with you all.

On the days when your hair refuses to behave, untamed and dull, try this tip.

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and apply conditioner all over the hair. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it off with Apple cider vinegar.

Hope this tip helps. What do you do on Bad hair days?


Random Talks – Hyderabad

Today is one of those days I feel absolutely lazy even to get out of my bed ( wait, just today !!!). I have been writing this post from past 60 minutes and all I could write were these two lines. I am travelling at the moment and I terribly miss my little rowdy pet-Sky. 😦

I was in Hyderabad last weekend, though it was a short stay , we tried to do as many things as possible. We were out on sunday. Started the day off with the Celebrity cricket league, followed by drive on tank bund and the laser show at lumbini gardens, ended the day with dinner at Sigree.

Oh I forgot, the previous night, we made a quick visit to Charminar, a bit of Pearl shopping and gorged on the biryani and Paan.

We didnt carry a camera with us, the following clicks are all from the mobile phone.

Charminar. There was this friendly traffic cop who told us all the in and around tourist places. All of them closes by 5:30 in the evening.


Celebrities on the field.


The Audience and that day had the beautiful sunset.


Found the Picture point


Night life on Hyderabad streets. Eat street.


And the Paan. Bought few extra back home.


I was Mary Poppin the whole weekend.


Almost 4 hours later, completed the post, I miss my favorite TV shows too. I am just in Miss mode today. By the way. what is your current favorite TV show? Would love to hear in the comments.


Divya Jaladi.

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Chambor Luminous Loose powder

Luminous Loose Powder – Ginger


Price : Rs 950/- for 20 gms ( I picked this long ago, there is so many variations with price )

How I like it :

I absolutely love this.

  • This is more like a foundation powder.
  • Gives a nice fresh look to the face.
  • Gives a Very very light coverage.
  • On good skin days this one is alone enough.
  • Comes with an applicator brush.
  • Staying power is good. Stays intact for almost 3-4 hrs in an air conditioned room.
  • Does not feel heavy.
  • A very minute, unnoticeable shimmer is present.


What I don’t like about this is, there is no flap or lid to cover the pores in the tin. Because of this lot of product gets wasted. Even when you just open the cap, the product comes off.

I wish they come up with a better Packaging.


Make up Revolution – Eyeshadow

Mono Eye shadow Smokin 2


Price : Rs. 295/-

Shade : Combination between deepest Brown and deepest Plum


How I liked it :

  • Single matte shade
  • For smokey eyes or can be used all over the lid or just to line the eyes.
  • Good Pigmentation.
  • Stays for almost 3-4 hrs. Without sweating or humidity.
  • Does not settle at the crease.
  • Blends easily.

What I did not like :

  • Not water proof.
  • No brush. You have to carry your own.

Have you already tried this? Would love to hear from you.


Divya jaladi.


Blue heavens – Eyeshadow and Blush

Eye magic eye shadow combo #601 and Diamond Blush on #503

Price : Rs. 213/-

This is a combo where you can blush on free with eyeshadow .

Eye magic eye shadow combo #601


  • 4 shades
  • A bit shimmer on it.
  • Pigmentation is not that great.
  • Pink and the green shades are better in terms of pigmentation.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Easily washable.
  • Transferable.
  • Weak packaging.

I think i have mentioned all the negative points. I could have dealt with all the above, the one thing that put me off, it has a fragrance like scented makeup. :-\ .

Coming to the good points,

  • Their staying power is ok.
  • Easily blendable.

Diamond Blush on #503  


  • A peach shade blush on.
  • Good Pigmentation
  • Staying power is good.

Again there is fragrance which puts you off.

  • Packaging same as eyeshadow.
  • It is a great shade but there is gold shimmer which is visible in the light.
  • It adds shine to the face. Obviously the presence of gold shimmer.

Though I am not a great fan of the blush, eyeshadow quad is great for practicing the eye makeup.

I would have picked up other eyeshadows but now definitely not just because of the fragrance.