Month: July 2015

Rosemary Oil – Benefits

My obsession with oils still continues. I love using oils in my beauty regime. They are effective and inexpensive. And what more they are chemical free. In my last post I mentioned how I use Grapeseed oil ( ) and today I will share with you about rosemary oil.


This oil seems to have lot of benefits even in the culinary world. Rosemary oil for its digestive and fragrant properties it is widely used in cooking.

Because of its anti oxidant properties it is used on skin and also known to have hair stimulating properties.

How I Use:

Essential oils are always have to be mixed with carrier oils like olive/coconut/almond/Argan.

I use them for the hair. I have very fine and brittle hair and I am scared to use any chemicals on my hair. I try and use the natural products when it comes to hair care.

I mix few drops of Rosemary oil in the almond oil warm it. And apply on the hair. And I leave it on for a day. I do this when I do not have anything to do the next day.

Or I use this as the last rinse when I wash my hair.

I love the smell and it makes the boring oiling regime, fragrant. And it is known for its hair stimulating properties so why not.

Other Benefits: 


it has anti-ageing properties. 

Can be used as a deodarant.

Mix few drops in water and gargle with to fight bad breath.

You can add it in the shampoo or conditioner too.

But before you grab the bottle check for any allergies and pregnant women consult your physician before you use it.

You can order this easily from online.



Grapeseed Oil – Beauty benefits

We all know the benefits of using oils for skin and hair. And Grapeseed oil is one among them. It made from the Grape seeds and is a byproduct of wine making. This is the last stage of the extraction. As it has polyunsaturated fats and cause of its anti oxidant properties,it seems to have lot of skin and hair benefits. I have not used this on hair,but I Should say for skin its worth giving a try. Though does not give the miraculous results it does good.


I mix few drops with my regular moisturizer and been using this since a week. My skin has become clearer and brighter. It gets absorbed into the skin quickly without any traces of oiliness. My skin is moisturized for a long time.

I am pretty happy with the results and will continue using it.

Other Uses:


  • Can use as a leave in conditioner after washing the hair.
  • Can be used for body oil massages.
  • Mix this with any other carrier oil and massage the scalp.
  • Apply on chapped lips regularly.

These are easily available online. And have good offers too.

Budget Make up Haul

This post is for the reference to those who are on a budget for make up or the one who wants to buy the make up products for the first time. Few days ago, I went to one of the Health and Glow stores in bangalore and picked up the make up essentials which I thought are the basic products every one should have. I wanted to check whether I could buy the products without compromising on the quality. I kept the budget for Rs.1000 + Rs.500. For the daily look and the party look. Here are the details of the Haul.


Maybelline Clear Glow (All in one) Fairness Compact powder

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal

Maybelline The Hypercurl volume Express

Maybelline Baby Lips

Revlon colorstay Links Eye shadow

Colorbar Lipstick (Peach crush)

Maybelline Clear Glow (All in one) Fairness Compact powder

Price : Rs. 199/-


This is my second purchase from the same line. I was looking for a compact powder to carry it along while travelling and for the touch ups. As the loose powder is a bit difficult to use. The first one was the #02 Nude Beige. This time I picked up #04 Sand beige. My skin changes its color whenever I change my location. This serves the purpose for me. It sets the make up and mattifies and gives a very light coverage. East to carry it around. Ideal for Travel.

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal

Price: Rs. 199/


Again this is my second one. I used this when it was launched and I forgot how it was. When I saw this I wanted to give it a try again and see how it works. Well, it works good. Easy to apply. One stroke is enough and can be applied on the water line as well. Staying power is good.

Maybelline The Hypercurl volume Express

Price : Rs. 300/-


This is my first product from the maybelline mascara range. It does not curl the lashes as claims but defines them for sure. If you are looking for just highlighting then this is a good one to try.

Maybelline Baby Lips

Price: Rs. 175/-


Well, I dont have to say how it works, I am sure most of you already used or using this one. I picked up baby lips Color Tropical Punch. This gives a slight tint on the lips.

Revlon colorstay Links Eye shadow

Price :Rs. 195/- and Rs. 175/- (Blue shadow is Rs. 175/- and the pink is Rs. 195/- ).


I was looking for single eyeshadows for a long time but did not get a chance to pick any. When I saw these I found them so cute and picked up the blue shade. It came in the budget and I could just pick whichever shade I wanted. When I picked up the Blue shade, SA (Sales Assistant) says, I have to pick atleast 2 shades. As my heart was already set on the blue shade, thought I will pick another one. Picked a Pink one. Coming to how I liked them…Not much. It has shimmer and can spread all over the eye area. Though the colors look good, I dont like the way it looks on me. Didnt get a chance to use them during night and I think they look better for the party / casual Make up.

Colorbar Lipstick (Peach crush)

Price: Rs. 299/-


I loooove this lipstick. It Peach shade and instantly brightens my face. This became my go to lipstick these days. It glides on smoothly and moisturizes. Does not dry out the lips. Though does not stay for long I dont mind re applying it. At this price I would say give it a try.

This is my Budget haul. All these products costed me Rs.1542/-. There are variety of options for you to pick any without compromising on the quality. There are online discounts. If you want to go to store and pick up then you can personally try it out on your own. You can skip the eye shadows and can replace them with BB cream or anything you looking for. Stay wise and Shop wise.