Month: November 2015

The Body Shop-Teatree Blemish fade Night lotion

I am a great fan of The Body shop (TBS) products. Whenever I enter their store i have to come back with atleast one product.

I like using Night repair creams and TBS Teatree night lotion just the one i needed. This is my third bottle i guess. I have combination to oily skin which is prone to breaks out often.


Price : Rs. 995/- for 30ml when packed.

About it:

It comes in a pump up nozzle and a cap.

The consistency is in between cream and the gel.



It has a strong Teatree oil scent when applied and goes away eventually.

How i Like it:

I absolutely like it. I always pick this up when my skin is not behaving.

Avoids break outs. ( except during that time of the month).

Takes time to fade out the blemishes.

The lotion gets absorbed into the skin quickly.

And little goes long way. ( I use one or 2 pumps ).

Cons :

Nothing. Totally love it. I would even buy and recommend it.

It may not be suitable for dry skin. If you have dry skin and used this product let me know how it worked out for you.





Streax Pro – Argan Secrets Serum

This year I decided to use up the products which I already bought than to buy new ones. Though I bought few things here and there, I am proud I stayed strong. Hopefully I finish all the products before I buy new ones. I had to make an exception with the hair serums as they didnt suit me.


After Trying out a couple of hair serums, Streax Pro worked really well for my hair. Though i was reluctant to pick it up, Argan Oil is what sealed the deal for me.

Price : Rs. 349/- for 45ml.

How I liked it :

You must have got it by now That i like this hair serum.

Love the packaging. It has a pump up bottle and you can turn it  to lock it, which makes it leak proof while travelling.


Its colorless and thicker in consistency.

3-4 Pumps is good enough for my hair.

It does softens my hair without drying them out.

Initially the scent is a bit strong initially but goes away completely as the hair dries.


The cons :


I only wish it was Paraben free otherwise I dont find any other con.IMG_20151125_144502

I would not buy it again as i would like to try something else but totally recommend it.



Winter Care


Bring out all those oils and the deep moisturising lotions Winter is here. Everything is cold and everything is dry, From hair to nails. Every part needs more TLC this season. And the irony is we don’t feel like anything this season. All we want to do is snuggle and stay under the blankets warm.

Usually I have a very basic skin care, In winters i kind of take extra care for my skin and hair. I am sharing some of the things I do in these winters.

For hair : If you have read my earlier posts you would have understood by now, my love for oils. I oil my hair before washing. I have fine and wavy hair so I am not much experimental with hair care products.

I dont change my shampoo for winters. I continue using the same. I do go for Head massages if i get a chance.I love the pamper.

I use the Hair masks mostly the moisturizing DIY’s ( Hair Masks ).

I dont use the conditioner as it makes my hair weighed down next day itself. hence the Oil treatments and hair masks. I do use hair serum though.

Face : Usually the same routine, nothing much is changed. Except for almond oil massages.

I wash my face and use a gentle scrub, warm the oil and massage the oil gently and wipe it of with warm wet towelettes. I do this once in a week.

Body : I don’t moisturize my body much I am way too lazy to do it. Ok I am not proud of it. I am so used to not doing it, I don’t even realise i missed it. Thanks to the Body scrubs. It keeps my body enough moisturized. At least it does not dry out my skin. But If I notice the dry patches I go full on applying the body lotion all over my body for the next few days.

Hands and Feet : This I am very proud to say I have the softest hands and feet in winters than compared to all the other seasons. Reason, Petroleum Jelly. Yes. I wear socks in winter, so I apply a thick coat of gel on my feet and wear socks and massage the gel nicely onto my hands. I apply this on my elbows or on very dry patches for quick relief.

You don’t need a whole army of expensive products to survive this season. Few basic things are good enough to  face the weather.

I do get break outs in winter but i get them through out the year too. So relax, wrap up and enjoy this cold winters.

Do share your winter care in the comments.

NOTD – Revlon colorstay – Red carpet #120


Revlon colorstay –  Red carpet #120
Price : Rs.  350/- for 11.7ml
I love Nail paints.  One thing I never run out of from my vanity are the nail paints.  I bought this nail paint a while ago by mistake.  I was looking for a bright  pink color and under those store lights this looked like pink to me :mrgreen:.  Though I was glad I picked this up but after couple it fades even though you put a topcoat over.  And the faded color makes my fingers dark which I absolutely don’t like. The staying power is long as it claims on the bottle. I wish they made it this long wear without the color fading.
It is quite a disappointment for that price.

Maybelline Vivid and Smooth liner by Eye studio – Ocean blue


This is lovely blue eyeliner which can be worn as it is or can play around with the shade.

Price : I dont remember ( when I checked online it varies from Rs.200 to Rs. 299/-)


What I like about it :

It glides smoothly.

Good Pigmentation. (One stroke is enough)

Good staying power.


What I don’t like about it :

We have to manually sharpen it. ( I would have preferred the twister kind of pencil).

Other than that I like this pencil and the shade too.

And That’s how it looks on me. 🙂


Deve Herbes – Coconut oil

I wanted to get an organic coconut oil to use for skin and hair. And I found this on Amazon. Lets see how it worked?.


Price : Rs 295/- for 100ml

The Benefits :


How do I like it ?

It is transparent and feels light.

It soaks into the skin instantly and non sticky.

Has nice mild coconut smell.
Skin feels smooth and moisturized.

The only thing i dont like about it is, i would have preferred the oil in smaller quantities, it would have been easier for me to take it around. Otherwise I like everything about it.

If you want to buy coconut oil, Invest in a good organic cold pressed oil. Little lasts long.

And I did a post on Beauty benefits of coconut oil. You can find it here ( Click here )


10 Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most used oils in India. We use it for almost everything. And this cold season this is a must have. I am listing out the just 10 Benefits of this oil.


1. Moisturizer : This makes a great moisturizer. Just take the required amount and slather it all over the body.

2. Body scrub : Take crystal sugar/Salt and add coconut oil to this. Use this scrub regularly for the Moisturised skin.

3. Lip Balm : Regular use of this on lips removes the tan.


4. Deep Conditioning : Warm the oil and apply on the hair, massage for sometime and wrap a hot towel around your head. Shampoo as usual.

5. Hair serum : Use this as hair serum and it helps in the hair growth.

6. Massage oil : This makes a great massage oil. Add few drops of any of your favorite aroma oils for the spa effect.

7. Cuticle Oil : Helps in softening the cuticles.


8. Healthy and Strong Nails :  Take coconut oil in a bowl, warm it and soak the finger tips in it for 10 minutes. Take them out and massage the oil on the hands and leave them on. This not only helps in making them strong but also moisturizes the dry nails.

9. Soft feet : Apply this on the feet especially on the heels and wear socks. Wake up to soft smooth feet next morning.

10. Hair masks : In most of the Hair mask DIY’s you can add few drops of coconut oil to prevent them from drying.

Tip : Add few drops of coconut oil to your bath for instant whole body moisturizer.

The above are the few benefits of coconut oil. Tell me how you use coconut oil this season in the comments. 🙂


Clinique Foundation – Shade No. 37 (N)

I say when you find the right shade of the Foundation, do not hesitate buy it immediately. If it is expensive, then just grab it and run. 😛


The Clinique always had something to offer to me. Their Skincare products to their perfumes to their make up range. Today I am writing about the Perfectly real make up range, shade No.37(N)


Price: Rs.1900/- for 30ml.

How I like it :


This is a neutral shade and gives a light to medium coverage.

I like the natural finish it gives.

It can be used everyday and does not look over the top if you use any other products over foundation.

It blends easily and staying power is impressive.


Drawbacks :

It does not cover the scars.

Unscented. Absolutely no scent. It smells like ingredients.

Shimmer in the product. Though i like the finish it gives, shimmer can be seen.

This is more like a tinted moisturiser with a natural finish.

Local travel Diaries – 2


One of these days we went to another hill climbing expedition. This is one of the places i wanted to rewrite my memory and thanks to my friend i was able to do that. This is another Mother Mary’s church and once you climb the hill, you get the view of the city and a cross where you pray.


Around the cross is the Pray area.

IMG_20151023_180940 (3)

The view. We could not capture the view as we had to get down soon.


I am just sitting 😛


This is one of the family trips on purpose and were at the fishing village.


One fish two fish …five fish.


You see a lot of these along the shore. 😦


And thats how you dry fish 😀

Local Travel Diaries – Phirangipuram

When I got a chance to explore around my hometown i went totally crazy. Very often you get these chances to relive or make new memories with the new places or the old places you visited.


There is a famous Mother Mary’s church and whoever visits this church also climbs a small hill. There is a small chapel kind on the top of the hill and also a beautiful view.

IMG_20151020_122724 IMG_20151020_122815

That is the view of the church


The stairs to the hilltop


find the church


That’s the view you climb to


The feet that are well walked 😛


And finally the Bahubali and Attarintiki daredi chips ( Telugu movie titles)