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Bellapierre Ruby Lipstick

I got this from one of the fabbags I ordered couple of months ago.


You Can order your Fab bag here : Click here

This beautiful ruby lipstick from Bellapierre cosmetics has become my favorite red lipstick instantly.


How I like it :

  1. Glides like butter on the lips and even has faint butter scent in it.
  2. Pigmentation is good. Though you need few swipes to get the bold color, if you looking for everyday wear, one swipe is good.
  3. Does not transfer the product.
  4. Has 24 months shell life since opening the product.
  5. Good staying power.
  6. Does not bleed
  7. Does not settle at the creases.
  8. Moisturizes as well.

Till now i don’t have any thing negative to say about it. It looks good on all skin tones.

That’s how it looks on me



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ColorBar Creme Touch Lipstick

Weekend is here!! Happy Weekend. After a long tiring week, weekend is a must thing. You know what? There should be a weekend for every long tiring day. Too much Eh ! 😛 . So How are you all? How was your week ? Mine you must have understood by the excitement of my weekend. Was travelling constantly and am back home now . Summers are even barely started and i am already feeling the heat here. 😦 .What are your weekend plans? Mine is eating a lot of home cooked food. I did a small haul while travelling. Got my Lazy A** out of the bed today to do the reviews. Here s the first one.



Shade : #008 C Classic Mauve

Price : Rs. 475/-

How I like it :


I already have a Tangerino 015 shade ( Review here ). Though was not too happy with Pigmentation, they glide on lips like butter and keeps them moisturised. First, I went to Inglot, after trying out their lipsticks, i fell in love with the mauve shade. But they didnt have the stock of that shade, so disheartened came out of the store. As I was window shopping, I was generally trying out the shades at their counter, and found this. Lets see,

The creme touch collection are their range of cream lipsticks.

  • Silver Sturdy packaging makes it Travel friendly.
  • A pretty mauve shade for everyday wear.
  • It Glides smoothly on the lips and keeps them moisturised. You can even get the burnt butter kinda smell.
  • Pigmentation is not as great as expected. Needs more than 2 swipes to get the exact shade.
  • Feels light on the lips.
  • Staying power is not more than 2 hours and leaves a tint behind.
  •  SPF 15.

That’s How It looks on me.


For me, these are more like a tinted lipbalms which feels light and smooth.

Would I buy again?

A different shade Maybe. I was not even planning on picking up this one. But I did, so Never know. Would I recommend? Oh Yes Definitely. A pretty shade at affordable price. I say Go for it. 😀






Revlon Colorbust Matte balm


Color : Sultry Sulfureuse #225

Price : Rs. 790/-

How I liked it :

I have been living on this lip balm from past 2 weeks. I planned my travel for a week and it is extended to almost 3 weeks now. I packed light this time and that includes my vanity too. So I have this one and the other is Mary Poppins (Review ).

Sultry, to me is a nude peach with brown undertones. On me its almost becomes a nude shade, which I absolutely love. It gives a fresh look to my face.

  • Great Pigmentation (One swipe is enough to get the color)
  • Glides on smoothly .
  • Twister packaging, so no need of sharpener. Twist the silver base of it.
  • Have minty fragrance. Which I like. Some may not like though.
  • As it is a balm it moisturizes pretty well.
  • On contrary to the above, as it has matte properties,it tends to dry out the lips.
  • Staying power is super good. Stays on the same for almost 3- 4 hrs leaving a nice tint behind.


It does transfer a bit. Keeping the price apart this is an absolute travel companion. Just twist and use.



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5 Beauty hacks every girl should know

I am listing out 5 beauty hacks every working girl should know.  These are the quick fixes when you are in a hurry or in a beauty fix.

  • Get Multi purpose Products :  Get products which can be used for multiple purposes. Like cheek and lip tint, Brow and eyeliner, tinted moisturizers, you get the idea right.

cheek stain

  • Baby powder : We all know the baby powder trick for the greasy hair. If you have dark hair and you in hurry, it can be a curse. It might form a white film on the hair taking up more time than the regular shower. So how do you use it? Dab some powder on the previous night before going to sleep. This gives the powder to soak up the oil and wake up to dry, washed like hair.

dry shampoo

  • Shower before : We all do this when we know we have an early start next day. Shower on the previous night. What about hair then? Wash your hair and tie them into two braids or 3 depending on the thickness when the hair is still damp. Next morning untie them and voila ! beautiful curls. Run your fingers through them and do not comb.


  • Vaseline/Petroleum jelly : To get softer and pedicured looking feet next day. Clean the feet, apply thick coat of vaseline and wear socks. Vaseline works as a feet mask. this trick works the same for hands too.


  • Go Red : If you have snoozed a bit longer than usual and left with no time for make up. Worry not. Paint your lips with your favorite red lippie. This gives a made up and instantly brightens the face too.


Hope these help you on the busy mornings. Would love to hear your tips in the comments.


Divya Jaladi.

Sugar Cosmetics – Mary Poppins

Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick – 02 Mary Poppins


Color : Fuschia Pink

Price : Rs. 799/-

How I liked It :

Since I tried the lipstick at one of the Make up stores, I wanted to pick it up. And now it happened.  This was one of the “Feel Better” shoppings. I have naturally dark lips, so most of the shades looks different on me from the original shade. And Though it looks different under different lights, it still looks good on me. Lets see how i Liked it.


  • Attractive Packaging.
  • Good pigmentation. One stroke is enough.
  • Gives a nice Matte finish.
  • Instantly brightens my face.
  • Glides on smoothly.
  • Stays almost upto 3- 4 hrs.
  • Does not dry out the lips.
  • Does not feel heavy on lips.


  • Comes with a sharpener. (which is quite handy and a tiny stick which cleans the sharpener).

What I don’t like :

  • It is Transferrable. ( For that price I would have preferred it not to )
  • Bleeds a bit. A lip liner is a must.
  • Would have preferred a twister packaging, but the sharpener makes up for it.

One more Thing, You would not know when to stop as it glides on like butter :-D. And that’s how it looks on me.




Colorbar Lipstick – Peach crush

I am doing all the lipcolors post and I am saying this is one of my favorites to almost all the ones here. There is a reason I will tell you what. Recently I have been relocated t my home town. So while cleaning and clearing stuff before the actual packing, I gave away lot of my make up stuff very generously. Obviously I kept my favorites with me and gave away not so favorites or any shade friends liked. (You gonna miss them so much, what worth one lipstick is? ) Now you know when i say This is my Favorite. 😛


Price : Rs 299/-


How do I like it :

You go that already that I like it.

Though it is called Peach Crush, it is more of orange shade to it.

Gives a matte finish.

If you put on more coats it can make a good red lipcolor.

This is my Pick me up lipstick. Literally I put on this I look so dressed up.

Good pigmentation. One coat is enough.

It is a great shade for any skin tone.


Can dry out a little bit.

And yes they settle in the lines.


And that’s how it looks on me.

Maybelline – Lip Polish

Today I am going to review one of my favorite lip glosses, well the “Lip polish”. It is the Glam 14. It is a nude lip gloss.

I am not a Lip gloss person, I like lipsticks. I picked this up when I saw one of the actresses donning this in the whole movie.I wanted a nude brown and i found this to be the closest and picked it up and i am happy I did.


Price : Rs. 450/- (it is available at cheaper price at online stores).


How I like it :

The reason i like this gloss is because it evens out the the lip color and gives a natural shine.

It glides on lips smoothly like a butter. 🙂

It has creamy texture.

Not as sticky as other lip glosses.

Does not bleed or settle in the lines.

Instantly brightens my face. Does not give a wash out look.

Everyday wear. Can even be worn to office.


Staying power is less. (But I totally can reapply all the time).


And that’s how it looks on me. 🙂

ColorBar – Tangerino 015

How are you all doing? Mine is very exciting. I Have been revisiting all the places I went as a kid. So That is keeping me all busy because it includes climbing hills and going to fish stunk beaches.

Coming to the reviews I mentioned earlier, today I am posting the colorbar lipsticks and a lip pot. Read on

Color Bar Creme Touch- Tangerino – 015


Price : Rs. 475/-

This looks a bit bold and too orangey in the tube but once applied on the lips it gives that lipbalm effect.

I used this mostly over other orange lipsticks to give much deeper color. 🙂

That color transforms to transparent orange tinge which almost looks like tinted orange shade on the lips.


To me it looks similar to the Revlon Lip butters (Tutti frutti) and once applied it even feels the same.

It glides smoothly on the lips.

Has Vanilla scent.

Adds Shine to the lips.



Staying power is less.

It melts at high temperature. If applied directly you will end up with lot of product on the lips.

Price is a bit steep.

Recommend :

Yes. Keeping the Pigmentation aside, if you looking for an everyday wear orange shade, this one is a good buy.

Lip Scrub – DIY

When So many things are happening around and with you, and you have to focus on one thing at at time, Its difficult. This is exactly what is happening with me right. All at once. I am trying to find an order in this chaos, hopefully i get it by this weekend. Weekend is almost here. Isn’t it a long weekend this time? What your plans?

Today’s post, I have been wanting to do this from last time, and today I had to do. This is Lip scrub and it takes less than 5 minutes.

All you need for this DIY –


Castor/Brown sugar

Coconut oil/Almond/Olive.

Peppermint oil (Optional)

Small Container (For storing)

Tooth picks

Take the sugar in the container and add any oil (I used coconut oil) of your choice drop wise. Mix it with tooth pick. Check for the consistency and add few more drops of oil.


Add A drop of peppermint oil just for that tingly tangly feel. (This step is completely optional)

Go easy on the oil, if it becomes too oily, then becomes difficult to scrub (from experience 🙂 )


How to use it: 

Take little scrub and gently scrub your lips with your ring finger. And Wipe it off. You don’t need to apply Lip balm after that.  You can use this regularly to get soft smooth lips.

Make up Essentials

Hello All! How is the day going? Mine a bit busy, and have a busy week ahead. These tips and tricks I am writing here are quite a reminder for me. And I hope these help you too.


If you are a beginner or even a person who uses make up on daily basis, buying the products can be overwhelming sometimes. There are so many products to pick from so many brands. If you are on a budget this can be quite frustrating because each one looks better than each one. If you overspend on these things, i hope this post will be helpful to you.

Make Up essentials are basically what u need. It can divided into

  1. Face
  2. Eyes
  3. Lips
  4. Cheeks

Face :


Foundations: Foundations and concealers fall in this category. In the world of BB creams, Foundation still plays an important role in make up routine. It is good to own 2 shades of foundation. One, that absolutely suits your skin color and the other a shade darker for those tanned days. Pick a foundation which suits your needs.

Here is link to how to pick the foundation : https://beautywisetalks.wordpress.com/2015/06/10/how-to-find-the-right-shade-of-foundation/



Your Make up looks mostly depends on the eye make up. You can play it up or down , either ways you need to own these.

  • kajal,
  • Eye liner (one black and any colored one),
  • Mascara,
  • 2 palettes of eyeshadows (for daily & party wear)



Okay this is where we go crazy, I gave away so many lipsticks because no way i was going to use them soon. I am not going to say anything here. You can either have one of each kind like the lipstick/gloss/pot/balm etc., or just get one lipstick and gloss.



Recently I started using this regularly. Peaches and the Pinks are the best bet. Click on the link to know how to pick the blush for your skin tone.


If your everyday make up look is minimal then just get one of each part. If you experiment with your looks then you can pick one of each kind available.

Remember, Do not buy products if you dont use them. Because the shell life for these products differ and surprisingly less.


Hope that helps. If you have anything to add to this, please leave it in the comments below.