Month: December 2015

Curry Leaves – Beauty Benefits


Curry Leaves have both health and Beauty benefits. It is widely use in Indian cooking, Be it for seasoning or just to add flavor. It has digestive properties and aids in weight loss too. If you facing any skin or hair problems, Identify the root cause and get on with the remedies. Stress, poor lifestyle, Harsh chemicals in the products, Treating hair regularly are the main reasons for the hair loss or Grey Hair. Once they are addressed these remedies will aid in getting quicker results.

If you looking to benefit from Curry leaves just chew few leaves everyday. Or don’t pick them from food if they are used.

You can even make curry leaf Powder which you can use it in food. Or even make an edible paste and mix it with rice.

You can make a tea by steeping the leaves in hot water. And drink this regularly.

Now coming to Beauty benefits It is even great for skin and Hair.

For Skin:

Make a paste with Curd/Yoghurt and curry leaves. Apply it on the face and wash it off after 20 minutes.

Dry the leaves and make a fine paste and add them to your regular face packs or Ubtans.

Make a paste with Curry leaves using rose water and add turmeric. Apply it on the face.

You can even add Honey to your packs.

The Best part about the DIY’s is that you can make your own recipe if you not okay with the mentioned products.

For Hair :

Now Curry leaf happens to be the best remedy for all the hair concerns. Hair fall, hair thinning, Grey hair, all these can be reduced with the regular use of curry leaves.

Hair Oil :

Warm coconut oil of your liking and add curry leaves and cover it with a lid. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Strain the oil and apply it on hair and massage the scalp gently. This oil stays for over a month.

Hair Tonic:

Boil water and add curry leaves generously . Let it boil for sometime till the leaves becomes soft and water changes its colour. Cool it and strain and store it in a dry container.

To use either spray it all over the hair or use it on scalp and massage gently. Add few drops of oil and can be used as a hair serum too.

Hair Mask :

The same recipes can be followed to use it for hair masks too. While using on Hair ditch the turmeric and honey out of it.

Note : Get a Curry leaf plant at home as it grows easily and anywhere.  Remember to check if you are not allergic to curry leaf before using them.

Get Creative with your DIY’s and share your recipes in the comments.

Till next post. Be wise and stay wise.