Month: August 2015

Hair Tonic- DIY


As I already mentioned that am at my hometown and trying to go all natural. I have abundant time, and nothing much to do around here, so I started making my own skin and hair packs at home. This DIY brings back lot of memories from my childhood. I remember, when we were kids they used to make this oil at home. I remember the oily heads and painful shikakai/Reetha hair washes once a week. I am going to share an amazing hair growth oil which can be made easily at home.

I have very fine, thin hair. And I am very scared to experiment with the products especially when it comes to hair. I try to stick to natural or homemade products as often as possible. I do not use any conditioner as it makes my hair limp next day itself. Instead I oil my hair before every wash or apply a hair pack.

This DIY needs to be applied atleast an overnight or few days before washing. I suggest apply this when you have no plans and going to spend just at home. Lets see how to make this at home. Use coconut oil for better results. And if you dont get all the ingredients, you can add whatever is available to you.


  • Coconut oil ( I used Parachute coconut oil)
  • Curry Leaves
  • Neem Leaves
  • Henna/Mehendi Leaves
  • Fenugreek/Methi seeds
  • Garlic cloves

Heat the oil in a saucepan, and add all the above ingredients and turn off the stove. Cover this with a clean lid and set it aside till it cools off. All the ingredients turns black as they are cooling.


Once it cools down, strain and transfer into any bottle/container. The oil has greenish brown color.


Thats it. Your Hair oil is done.

Regular usage of this oil prevents hair fall, removes dandrufff, makes hair stronger and longer.

A quick read about the benefits of the ingredients in the oil.

All the 3 kinds of leaves are known for its hair benefitting properties.

Henna leaves make the hair stronger and prevents grey hair.

Neem leaves helps eliminate dandruff and any scalp infections.

Curry leaves stops hairfall, and helps in hair growth.

Garlic cloves has sulphur similar to onions and are helpful in the hair growth.

Fenugreek seeds, I dont think I need to write about it benefits. For smoother,thicker, shinier hair. It helps in getting rid of dandruff too.

You can add Amla/Gooseberry too to the oil. It is always advisable to make small potions of the homemade products.

Bangalore Haul 2

Marks & Spencer’s Moroccan Escape Shower cream

This was one of those moments that my friend and I walked into the store randomly while we were lost in our conversation. While we were at it, we managed to pick up few things. We bought perfumes and shower gel.

M&S Bitter orange shower conditioning shower cream

Price: Rs.499/- for 200ml


Look at the packaging ! It looks so festive.

It Smells good. Not an overpowering smell.

Cleanses well.

Does not dry out the skin or feel soapy.

Though I don’t have anything negative to say about, I would n’t buy it again.



Lavender (Eau de Toilette)

Price : Rs. 500/- for 30ml

If you are a fan of floral scents and especially Lavender this is a must try.

As soon as you spray on , the lavender smell just fills up and it stays the same for a long time. I wear this during day

Per Una Opulence (Eau de Toilette)

Price : Rs. 699/- for 30ml

With the top notes ginger and orange,heart notes spicy pepper and royal orchid, unfolds the luxurious accords of vanilla and vertivert.

It has a very familiar scent which I cant put my finger on. I love this scent. I wear this during night.

Bangalore Haul 1

Hoi!!! How is your week coming along. Mine is just going fine. For the reviews sake I had to pay a bit more attention to the products I bought but I am thoroughly enjoying it. So I ma sharing my experiences with the products from my recent haul. In the pic I took I forgot to add 2 products I picked from SAND for Soapaholics. Shampoo scone and the lipbalm .

Get Spicy (Shampoo Scone)

I just wanted to try Soapaholics products and when I saw this I really liked the color and the name. And its been really long since I have used the shampoo bars thought should pick one. Lets see how I liked.

Price : Rs.270/- (65 gms)


Suitable for all Hair types and best for the ones who is facing Hair fall.

My experience with it :

  • It lathers good.
  • It cleanses really well.
  • Little goes long way.
  • It has strong clove scent which I kinda like.
  • Overall Happy with the shampoo scone.
  • Storing it might be a problem considering the shape and does not dry out soon.
  • The strong clove scent can be bothersome to few.
  • Too much product gets on to the palms when using.
  • Not Sulphate free.

Lip Balm – Saffron

I got so bored using the lip balm tubes,wanted to use the pot ones 🙂 I am sure it happens with many of you. As I wanted to try out their products, picked up a lip balm in saffron flavour.

Price : Rs.150/- for 5gm


How I liked:

  • Not a bit. Its way too small. Only my little finger fits the tiny pot.
  • I dont like the flavour of this. (I should have picked other one they have like Rose,Chocolate…)
  • Hardly stays for less than an hour.
  • And the place I stay is very humid, the balm melted a bit.
  • Considering all these factors this wont even last for a week for me.
  • Overall its okay not that great. I wont definitely buy it again.

FabIndia Almond oil Kajal

Same story with this too. Got so bored using liners I wanted pick up a kajal.


Lets see how I liked

Glides gently on the waterline.

I was expecting it to bleed/melt because of the climate I am staying, but,surprisingly it didnt bleed.

Staying power is good.

Well the plastic packaging is not great, it can break or get scratched easily.

I do not mind buying this again but would like to explore other options.

This is how it looks on me


DIY’s – Henna/Mehendi Leaves

Hey there! How is it all coming along. My weekend gonna start a bit early this week Yay!!! I am meeting my best friend almost after an year so, looking forward to some crazy time and long talks. I know its bit early but What your weekend plans?


In my Last post ( ) I mentioned the benefits of henna leaves. In today’s post I will share few DIY’s using the Henna leaves

Henna powder: You can make the powder by drying the leaves in the shade. Once the leaves are completely dried grind them into powder and store it in a dry jar.

To apply on Hands/ Feet : Make a paste by grinding fresh leaves with little water,curd and add lemon/ Tamarind. And can be applied immediately. Do not wash the leaves.

If you using the powder, Take required amount of powder in a bowl, add curd, lemon, and few drops of eucalyptus oil. Let it set for few hours before applying.

For Hair Conditioner : This is the best part of the DIY’s. You can make them according to your needs. Same way with henna.


  • Mix it with curd and few drops of lemon
  • Mix it with Green tea
  • Mix it with egg whites
  • I sometimes even mix it with other mixtures like Neem powder or amla powder.

Tip : You can add few drops of oil into the mixture as the natural hair packs tends to dry the hair abit.

For Hair Dye: Having lived in Hostels I experimented with lot of hair tricks and styles. This is one of the best ones I tried so far.

Take a required amount of henna powder, add regular Tea decotion, beet root water (Grate some beetroot and boil it in my water, cool it down and add it to the mixture) add few drops of lemon and your favorite hair oil. (You can add few drops of Eucalyptus oil too)

Apply on the hair evenly and leave it on for atleast an hour. Now the trick is. Just wash off the pack from the hair using just the water and do not shampoo. Once dried oil it and shampoo the next day. This way you get nice burgundy/ dark brown color and healthy shiny hair.

These are the DIY’s I use and let me know how you use Henna in your routine.

If using Powder, make sure you use organic and check for the expiry date on the pack.

Henna / Mehendi leaves

Hi How are you all doing? How is ya week coming along? Mine just getting on. I am making few changes to my work and personal life. I lack a bit of discipline and I am trying to get it on. I am back to my hometown which means more bingeing, hence the changes. Its a bit different from the city life but is at a good pace. One thing amazing is Most of the things I need I just go out and get them all fresh. It is a good break from using all store bought products And I go natural way when it comes to beauty care. I thought I would share those tips and DIY’s with you all.


Today’s post is about one of my all time favorites “Henna/Mehendi Leaves”. Yes , we have a plant at home and everytime I visit it was a compulsory custom that I apply henna on hands and feet.


It is my favorite past time . And I love the way it fades too when compared to the cones available in the market. It is not just the pastime for me it does have good benefits.So, decided to write a post about its benefits.

Henna plant is a herbaceous plant which is grown at almost all regions. Its usage is known to be started in Egypt over 6000 years ago. Henna is applied during auspicious times or festivals,or any events at home.

  • The scientific reason is it is known for its cooling properties. It draws out the heat from the body. This is the reason they apply it for the bride and the groom. During weddings because of the food, the rituals and the sleeping patterns, the body heat increases. To cool it down they are asked to apply henna on their hands and feet and it looks festive too.
  • It heals the cracked heels and any nail related fungal infections.
  • I read it somewhere that in olden days Egyptians used to apply the henna paste on the lips for that lipstick look. (That’s quite a smart idea)


Cute Story: They say for every festival the Henna plant goes to its Mother ‘s home, thats why it gives more color. Isn’t that cute?

The one other popular benefit is using it as a hair conditioner. The regular use of henna as conditioner makes hair strands thick and strong.


It is also used as a natural hair dye.

Eyeliner Trick

Good to be back after a long vacation. And I am sharing a very useful tip for applying eye liner. I learnt this trick say about 3 years ago from Michelle Phan’s Video tutorial (you can check her videos on Youtube). I used to follow her earlier and loved her make up tricks and looks. This is one of those tricks I picked up from her.

What you need:

Eyeliner (Any kind. I picked the liquid eye liner)

Steady Hand.

Prep your eye.


Now take the eyeliner of your choice and draw a dotted line over your eyelid as shown .edited3

Now connect the dots to make a line.


Using this as the reference line you can adjust the thickness or the length of the line.


Repeat the same on the other eye.


I have not applied anything on the eye except for the eyeshadow and the liner for the purpose of the post. You can curl the lashes and apply mascara and you done.

Never use liquid Eye liner on the lower lash line.

You can use this technique even with other kinds of eyeliners (gel,pencil).

Remember, for any make up trick or technique to come out really good, you need to practice alot.

Let me know if you use any other technique to apply eyeliners.