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Facial Mists – The Bath candy Company

With the warrior Face cleanser ( Review here ) I picked up two Facial mists “Jardin De Aromatique” and “I am Fresh Now”from The Bath candy Company.

Price : Rs. 199/- for each

As fancy as the names sound they are all like the regular toners. They are used as you use any toner and also as a freshening spray.  I thought of writing two different posts but both of them are almost same except for one ingredient.  Oh I forgot, they send you copy of list of ingredients and how to use stuff. And also two scented bath candles as a gift.

Coming to the Products, they both feel the same and smell the same to me. They have this strong Teatree oil scent. They did mention that these are Facial and Body Treatment Mists, helps acne.

Except for the natural and Paraben free, these are no different from the other ones I used so far. The treatment part, I have not used them that long to notice any visible difference.



I love the way I am fresh now Feels on the skin,It does have some minty freshness and if you using the chilled one, this feels like a bit of heaven on your skin.



Jardin De Aromatique is more soothing and best applied in the night as it has lavender oil in i. It helps you calm down and have a better sleep.

Would I recommend?

Yes, Definitely. Why to use chemicals on the face when you can get these natural,cruelty free products on the skin at the same price. These can be used as moisturizers on those lazy days.





Rice starch for hair


Do you know you can get naturally straight and voluminous hair at home. This is literally my Grandmother’s recipe.

When cooking rice, strain excess water from almost cooked rice and keep it aside to cool. The starch is thick in consistency. After shampooing apply this on the hair and leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse it off with water and let them dry naturally.

It not only adds volume and straightens hair, it adds a healthy shine too.

Things to remember :

  • Have to make it fresh.
  • Use only rice not the rice powder.
  • You can even add fresh hibiscus leaves and soak it for few hours.
  • The consistency will be thicker than than the plain water


Basic Skin care Tips

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was okay Just lazed around a bit? How is monday treating you all? Mine had a painful start, a visit to dentist 😦 . Hope rest of the week goes great.

Today’s post is like a reminder. One must include these tips into their skin care regime to get and maintain healthy, glowing skin.


Always use a gentle Face wash followed by a good moisturizer depending on your skin needs.( Even if you have oily skin or living in a humid place, You need a moisturizer.


Adding sunscreen to your skin care takes the year off your skin. Never step out in the sun without a Sunscreen.


Get facials or clean ups done regularly to get rid of dead skin. Either you can get it done out or can do it yourself at home.


Get the eyebrows done regularly and get rid of the facial hair in ways that are suitable for you, for that always groomed look.


Add one potion of vegetables/fruits in your everyday diet.


Drink lots and lots of water and get plenty of sleep.

Leave in the comments,What is one skin care tip that you swear by?

Rosemary Oil – Benefits

My obsession with oils still continues. I love using oils in my beauty regime. They are effective and inexpensive. And what more they are chemical free. In my last post I mentioned how I use Grapeseed oil (https://beautywisetalks.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/grapeseed-oil-beauty-benefits/ ) and today I will share with you about rosemary oil.


This oil seems to have lot of benefits even in the culinary world. Rosemary oil for its digestive and fragrant properties it is widely used in cooking.

Because of its anti oxidant properties it is used on skin and also known to have hair stimulating properties.

How I Use:

Essential oils are always have to be mixed with carrier oils like olive/coconut/almond/Argan.

I use them for the hair. I have very fine and brittle hair and I am scared to use any chemicals on my hair. I try and use the natural products when it comes to hair care.

I mix few drops of Rosemary oil in the almond oil warm it. And apply on the hair. And I leave it on for a day. I do this when I do not have anything to do the next day.

Or I use this as the last rinse when I wash my hair.

I love the smell and it makes the boring oiling regime, fragrant. And it is known for its hair stimulating properties so why not.

Other Benefits: 


it has anti-ageing properties. 

Can be used as a deodarant.

Mix few drops in water and gargle with to fight bad breath.

You can add it in the shampoo or conditioner too.

But before you grab the bottle check for any allergies and pregnant women consult your physician before you use it.

You can order this easily from online.


Natural Homemade Beauty tips for skin – DIY’s



Those who stay away from the store bought products and look for the natural and homemade solutions to take care of the skin, then this is a must read. These are from the natural and easily available ingredients at home.

  1. This one is known to everyone and very versatile. Mix a tablespoon gram flour, few drops of lemon juice,honey, curd. Apply it on the face leave it on for 15 minutes. You can adjust the ingredients as per your needs. Works for all skin types.
  2. Wipe the face with raw milk to clean any left over dirt on the face. Suitable for all skin types especially the dry skin.
  3. I remember when we were kids,we applied fresh milk cream to our face and body before bath. This not only moisturises but also makes the skin soft and smooth. Suitable for dry and combination skin.
  4. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and orange juice and add honey. Apply all over the face and leave it on for 25 mins, wash it off with cold water for the glowing and supple skin. Best for combination to oily skin. This can be used as anti-tan mask too.
  5. I already mentioned the Tomato scrub in my previous posts which you can try for removing the tan. You can read here http://beautyandstylebox.com/2013/11/27/tomato-scrub/
  6. Apply Cinammon powder and honey over the acne or the pimples to get rid off them quicker. Do not apply on the open acne or pimples, it might sting. ouch..

Note: Though these are all from the natural ingredients, Please check for any allergic reactions and discontinue to use.

Super tip : Drink lots of water. Add colored vegetables and fruits to your diet for that healthy and natural glow of your skin.