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Dandruff Free recipe – DIY


Today I am posting another DIY Which is super easy and shows amazing results. The climate transition made my scalp revolt causing dandruff. I was advised “The best thing to get rid of dandruff is to stay stress free”. Stress free !!!!?. I have like 5 strands on my head and there is dandruff and you asking me to stay stress free. I wanted to try the natural ways to get rid of it, as dandruff shampoos are filled with chemicals and I don’t want to lose those 5 strands too. I tried Methi/Fenugreek pack, curd packs. Finally I gave in to the shampoo, but they didnt help the problem much either.

Recently I came across this booklet of Ayurvedic medicine (Medical science of Ancient India ) . This is written by Panditha Maharshi Elchuri, I am sure if you are from Andhra Pradesh you would have definitely heard of him. Today’s Post is one of his recipes.

You just need 2 ingredients for this

Good Quality Coconut oil


For Half a kg 500 gms of coconut oil you need 5 medium sized lemons. Extract the juice from the lemons and mix it with coconut oil. Put this on low flame and let it boil till only the oil is left.Cool it and strain and pour it in a clean bottle.

How to Use it:

Every day morning or Evening apply this oil on scalp and use any herbal hair wash powder or shampoo. Do not oil your hair again after the wash.

On regular use you will see the results in few days itself. It claims to get rid of dandruff, lice, itchy scalp, hair fall and make hair black.

My Verdict :

It s been 3 days since I started using this recipe. Though My dandruff is not gone completely, i can feel its lessened and no itchy scalp. The bonus, my hair looks super shiny and healthy.

I am also using the shampoo, mentioned in the booklet. The ingredients are a bit difficult to find and I have to get the english names for those which I am not sure I can find all. If you still want me to share do let me know, I will share the other recipes as well.

Till then stay wise beauty wise. Happy weekend to all.





Tip of the day


I have seen this tip on Band Baaja baarat and thought would share this hear with you all.

On the days when your hair refuses to behave, untamed and dull, try this tip.

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and apply conditioner all over the hair. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it off with Apple cider vinegar.

Hope this tip helps. What do you do on Bad hair days?


Know Your Products

How Are you all doing?

Needless to say we all have atleast more than one make up or beauty product lying in the racks. And whenever we look at it we post pone using it for that party you are planning to attend. And we forget. Before we forget the product and to avoid using it after its expiration date, take a look at the shelf life of mostly used products below.



Powder products stays a bit longer than the water or cream based products. The ones which has the least shelf life are the eye products.The below mentioned is the duration from the time you open the pack.

Mascara.liquid eye liners (water resistant, volume, any kind) : 3-6Months

Liquid Foundation/Concealer (stick foundations, cream based) : 6 – 12 months

Lipsticks/ lip crayons: 2 years

Lip Gloss : 1 year

Powder products (eyeshadows, blushes, powders) : 2 years.

Nail Paints : 2 years

Moisturizers & Lotions : 2 years

Above are the shelf life of the mostly used products.

In addition to the above, check for the expiration dates on the products itself. You will find a open jar picture on the many products which mentions the shelf life of that product.


Things to remember:

If you find the product runny, change in color, formed 2 layers, or becomes extra dry and change in the fragrance, stop using that product.

They say it is ok to go a month or two above expiration dates but why take risks, huh?

Do not use water or saliva to fix the dried up make up.

Always declutter and organize from the essentials to the make up products.

Tip :

Use a permanent marker and write the expiration dates on the tubes or the jars. This way if the writing on the products goes away, you can still keep track of it.

Hope this post helps and would love to hear you in comments.

Be wise Beautywise.

BBlunt Dry shampoo

Bblunt back to life Dry shampoo for instant Freshness.


Price : Rs. 250/- for 30ml

How I liked it : This is my first ever Dry shampoo…Drum roll please.:-D..These days with my constant travelling and change of water I have to avoid shampooing but it does not work for me. I have to wash my hair every other day or else it feels flat. I read about dry shampoos and the baby powder tricks couple of years ago but never wanted to or felt the need to try. Everything has its time I guess 😛 .

You hold the bottle six inches away from the hair and spray evenly and closer to the roots. Leave it on for 2 minutes and Massage comb thoroughly. No water needed.

As this is my first time ever I don’t have anything to compare it with. First time ,I sprayed it on very sparingly on my hair and combed it as usual. I was in a hurry when I used it and didnt notice how it looked. Sometime in the afternoon i remembered and when I noticed I was pleasantly surprised. My hair looked alive though i was on my third day of hair wash. I noticed it had a bit of volume too. I had to be sure so after using it again, I am writing this review. Both the times the results are good. It has a slight fragrance which is good as it makes hair smell fresh. The best part is, the travel size bottle fits in the hand bag and can be used anywhere and anytime.

Things to remember :

Do not spray too close to the hair, It forms a white coat on hair.

This is only a temporary fix and hair needs to be washed when you get the immediate chance.

It does not make hair look as fresh as it looks when washed. It removes the oil and grease. And thats the purpose of dry shampoos.

I am adding this to my travel essentials.

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Rice starch for hair


Do you know you can get naturally straight and voluminous hair at home. This is literally my Grandmother’s recipe.

When cooking rice, strain excess water from almost cooked rice and keep it aside to cool. The starch is thick in consistency. After shampooing apply this on the hair and leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse it off with water and let them dry naturally.

It not only adds volume and straightens hair, it adds a healthy shine too.

Things to remember :

  • Have to make it fresh.
  • Use only rice not the rice powder.
  • You can even add fresh hibiscus leaves and soak it for few hours.
  • The consistency will be thicker than than the plain water


BBlunt – Full on Volume Shampoo

BBlunt Full on volume shampoo for fine Hair.


Hair Type : For Fine hair.

Price : Rs. 100/- for 50ml.

My Hair Type : Fine and wavy hair.

How I liked it : I wanted to try the Bblunt products and got these travel size bottles. They are perfect for the people on the go. Leakproof and lightweight.

I am not that experimental when it comes to hair.I have fine and wavy hair so i don’t use many products on my hair as it becomes flat and oily by next day. I shampoo and use a serum, so shampoos have to do all the work for me.

  • It is colorless and stringy like consistency (can say gel like).
  • Lathers well.
  • Hair feels soft and clean.
  • Fragrance is very mild, can smell it while shampooing. After that it goes away completely which I absolutely like.

Volume wise :

It gives a decent volume to the hair which is quite satisfactory. I was expecting my hair to be dry and pokey after shampoo (as most volume shampoos does ) but my hair felt soft and well behaved.

It gives volume for overall hair.

Volume stays on for couple of days if you don’t do anything active in between.

The only thing i would have preferred from this to be paraben and sulphate free, Otherwise i completely love this product.




How to straighten Hair Naturally at home



Follow are the methods to naturally Straighten hair at home

  1. Hot Oil Method : Take your preferred hair oil and warm it and massage onto scalp and hair. Leave it on for 30-60 mins and shampoo as usual. This method not only smoothens and straighten the hair, It also works as deep conditioner.
  2. Milk : This is the Easiest method of all. Take some milk in a bottle and spray it all over your hair. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Shampoo as usual.
  3. Coconut Milk : Rather than using the packed coconut milk, make it fresh at home. Grate the fresh coconut and squeeze the milk out of it. Apply this, how you apply oil on your hair. And wash it off with a Mild shampoo.
  4. Aloe vera Gel : Apply the Gel all over the scalp and hair. Leave it on for 15-30 mins and wash it off with water.
  5. Fuller’s Earth/ Multani mitti : This is one method I often see it online but never tried. Mix Multani mitti with enough water and few drops of lemon (You can add curd/ Egg too). Leave it on till it starts drying. Wash it off with just plain water if you used only water to mix. Or else Use a mild shampoo.

So these are the methods I have tested and tried at home. The best part of these methods are they not only straighten they nourish and add sheen to hair. What natural way you use to straighten your hair?



Curry Leaves – Beauty Benefits


Curry Leaves have both health and Beauty benefits. It is widely use in Indian cooking, Be it for seasoning or just to add flavor. It has digestive properties and aids in weight loss too. If you facing any skin or hair problems, Identify the root cause and get on with the remedies. Stress, poor lifestyle, Harsh chemicals in the products, Treating hair regularly are the main reasons for the hair loss or Grey Hair. Once they are addressed these remedies will aid in getting quicker results.

If you looking to benefit from Curry leaves just chew few leaves everyday. Or don’t pick them from food if they are used.

You can even make curry leaf Powder which you can use it in food. Or even make an edible paste and mix it with rice.

You can make a tea by steeping the leaves in hot water. And drink this regularly.

Now coming to Beauty benefits It is even great for skin and Hair.

For Skin:

Make a paste with Curd/Yoghurt and curry leaves. Apply it on the face and wash it off after 20 minutes.

Dry the leaves and make a fine paste and add them to your regular face packs or Ubtans.

Make a paste with Curry leaves using rose water and add turmeric. Apply it on the face.

You can even add Honey to your packs.

The Best part about the DIY’s is that you can make your own recipe if you not okay with the mentioned products.

For Hair :

Now Curry leaf happens to be the best remedy for all the hair concerns. Hair fall, hair thinning, Grey hair, all these can be reduced with the regular use of curry leaves.

Hair Oil :

Warm coconut oil of your liking and add curry leaves and cover it with a lid. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Strain the oil and apply it on hair and massage the scalp gently. This oil stays for over a month.

Hair Tonic:

Boil water and add curry leaves generously . Let it boil for sometime till the leaves becomes soft and water changes its colour. Cool it and strain and store it in a dry container.

To use either spray it all over the hair or use it on scalp and massage gently. Add few drops of oil and can be used as a hair serum too.

Hair Mask :

The same recipes can be followed to use it for hair masks too. While using on Hair ditch the turmeric and honey out of it.

Note : Get a Curry leaf plant at home as it grows easily and anywhere.  Remember to check if you are not allergic to curry leaf before using them.

Get Creative with your DIY’s and share your recipes in the comments.

Till next post. Be wise and stay wise.

Streax Pro – Argan Secrets Serum

This year I decided to use up the products which I already bought than to buy new ones. Though I bought few things here and there, I am proud I stayed strong. Hopefully I finish all the products before I buy new ones. I had to make an exception with the hair serums as they didnt suit me.


After Trying out a couple of hair serums, Streax Pro worked really well for my hair. Though i was reluctant to pick it up, Argan Oil is what sealed the deal for me.

Price : Rs. 349/- for 45ml.

How I liked it :

You must have got it by now That i like this hair serum.

Love the packaging. It has a pump up bottle and you can turn it  to lock it, which makes it leak proof while travelling.


Its colorless and thicker in consistency.

3-4 Pumps is good enough for my hair.

It does softens my hair without drying them out.

Initially the scent is a bit strong initially but goes away completely as the hair dries.


The cons :


I only wish it was Paraben free otherwise I dont find any other con.IMG_20151125_144502

I would not buy it again as i would like to try something else but totally recommend it.