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Face Cleanser – Warrior

The Bath Candy Company Face Cleanser – Warrior


Company Overview (Took from their Facebook page)

Bringing you hand- made bath luxuries. Choose from a variety of all natural, herbal soaps or peppy colorful soaps. All made with natural bases. Customised soaps are available too (With prior 4 weeks notice). Also enjoy our range of lip balms, face mists, ubtans, face and body cleansers.

They are also Natural, cruelty-free,Parabens Free.

Price : Rs. 250/- ( I got Rs.50/- discount as it was the first order for the product)

This is my first order and much awaited one. I ordered 2 facial mists and one cleanser. Due to not so good courier services here, order took really long to reach me, it took the same time for me to try and review it here.


Warrior is a Charcoal cleanser which can be used both as both cleanser and a Face Pack.With Activated Charcoal in everything these days from the cleansers to the tooth paste, I had to buy this as soon as i saw the charcoal on it. I used it as a pack. Not so appealing, it is a hard and coarse to feel. It is not spread out easily as it is, that is why it is important to add water to make it a paste and spread it easily. It smells like Teatree oil and Multani mitti ( Fullers earth) though it is not on the ingredient list.


Take a small amount of the product and add water to make it a paste and apply it on the face . Leave it on for 5- 10 minutes and wash it off. It does leave a black tint on the face if cleaned it off with only water. This black tint can be removed by using a gentle cleanser. I used Besan (Chickpea flour).


After Cleansing off, I noticed a cleaner and fresher face.

Skin feels soft and smooth.

They send out a copy of ingredients and the directions on how to use the product in the package.


Love the warrior. I am adding this to my travel kit as it is easy to apply and dries off quickly. It takes max 10 minutes to get clearer and clean skin.



Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Face Pack (Papaya.Apple)

How is your weekend coming along? In one of my reviews i mentioned I cant remember anything of Himalaya products. Since then I see their products only. So happens right?!

Coming to today’s Himalaya product ,it is a Papaya apple face pack for Norma to dry skin . Though my skin is combination to oily, sometimes it acts funny. I picked it up for those times.


Price : Rs 70/- for 50g


I like the pack. I am more of a neem and tulsi packs kind of a girl. This face pack is a savior.

I use the face packs to avoid Breakouts after Threading the facial hair.

This dries up quickly and does not stretch out while drying.

My face looks clean and fresh.

2015-10-14_14.17.14 (1)

Things to remember while applying Face Pack

You decide to write something and something else pops up and end up writing something else. That is my story for today.

I wanted to write the reviews and then thought of doing DIY’s and this is what I ended up writing. Lets get on with it.

Things to remember before applying Face pack:


Clean your face and gently scrub the face.

Pick a face pack according to your needs.

Apply Thin coat/thick coat of the pack evenly all over the face. You can apply this using the brush or clean fingers.

Things to remember after applying Face Pack:


Lie down and relax.

Do not excercise/do anything strenuous while the face pack is on.

Apply the cotton buds soaked in icewater/rosewater/thin cucumber slices.

Do not let the pack dry completely.

To remove the pack from the face,Soak the face towel in the water and pat it on the face and gently wipe off the pack.

Repeat the same till you clean the face pack.

And wash off with the cold water and wipe it with a cotton cloth.

Apply the toner followed by a Good Moisturiser.

Hope these tips will help you get the maximum benefits of the face packs at home.