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Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner

  • Super Long wear
  • Waterproof
  • Ophthalmologically tested

Price : Rs. 450/-


It is a pen like liquid liner which gives more precision while applying. Liquid liners are best to give that dramatic effect or to draw a very thin line, but is not easy to apply. With this liner the tip is like a nib of the pen and you just have to draw however you like it.

How I like it :


I am on the fence with this one.

  1. I like the application part. It is comparatively easy to apply but not so easy as it looks like.
  2. Perfect for winged liners.
  3. Pigmentation is good.
  4. Stays on for almost 2-3 hrs when you are indoors.
  5. If you have dry lids then as the products dries it shrinks the skin, causing a bit of irritation.
  6. Smudge proof


  • The one most important thing I didn’t like is, it is not water proof as it claims, it comes off even a single drop. When You step out into sun or sweat you get the owl eyes. This is a good product if you stay indoors or in air conditioned rooms.

Colorbar Mascara Duo

Colorbar Illusion Mascara Duo


Price : Rs. 450/-

How I like it :

I Curl my lashes but I don’t use mascara much. The most forgotten product in my vanity is Mascara.Till date I have not finished even one bottle. I just replace them every 6-8months. Though not regular  I do like using them every now and then .This time I Picked up a Colorbar one. Lets see how it worked out.

This is a Duo which has both Lengthening and Volumizing mascara, both in the same tube.


  • 2 in 1 mascara black mascara
  • Dries out quickly
  • Easily removable with makeup remover
  • Gives natural finish
  • Not waterproof


Both the wands looks similar, hence the effect looks the same. If both applied on the lashes, it makes lashes look a tad longer. I may not buy it again as i want to try out other products but if you looking for subtle or natural finish this is a good buy.

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Make up Revolution – Eyeshadow

Mono Eye shadow Smokin 2


Price : Rs. 295/-

Shade : Combination between deepest Brown and deepest Plum


How I liked it :

  • Single matte shade
  • For smokey eyes or can be used all over the lid or just to line the eyes.
  • Good Pigmentation.
  • Stays for almost 3-4 hrs. Without sweating or humidity.
  • Does not settle at the crease.
  • Blends easily.

What I did not like :

  • Not water proof.
  • No brush. You have to carry your own.

Have you already tried this? Would love to hear from you.


Divya jaladi.


Blue heavens – Eyeshadow and Blush

Eye magic eye shadow combo #601 and Diamond Blush on #503

Price : Rs. 213/-

This is a combo where you can blush on free with eyeshadow .

Eye magic eye shadow combo #601


  • 4 shades
  • A bit shimmer on it.
  • Pigmentation is not that great.
  • Pink and the green shades are better in terms of pigmentation.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Easily washable.
  • Transferable.
  • Weak packaging.

I think i have mentioned all the negative points. I could have dealt with all the above, the one thing that put me off, it has a fragrance like scented makeup. :-\ .

Coming to the good points,

  • Their staying power is ok.
  • Easily blendable.

Diamond Blush on #503  


  • A peach shade blush on.
  • Good Pigmentation
  • Staying power is good.

Again there is fragrance which puts you off.

  • Packaging same as eyeshadow.
  • It is a great shade but there is gold shimmer which is visible in the light.
  • It adds shine to the face. Obviously the presence of gold shimmer.

Though I am not a great fan of the blush, eyeshadow quad is great for practicing the eye makeup.

I would have picked up other eyeshadows but now definitely not just because of the fragrance.




Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil – Peacock Throne 014


Color : Shimmery Peacock blue


Price : Rs . 499/-

How I liked it : I bought this a while ago ad thought of reviewing it now.

I forgot the price and when i checked online I was surprised that i spent so much to buy a color eye liner. Cos I don’t use the color ones much.


I had to try it on yesterday to review this. And here I found .

  • Good Pigmentation.
  • Staying power good. I didn’t leave it on for long. But safe to stay it definitely stays intact for good 5 hours.
  • Waterproof.
  • Its got a bit of shine which actually lifts up the color.
  • It is not too sparkly or too shiny.
  • Glides on smoothly.
  • It does not dry out or break in between.
  • Does not smudge.

And That’s how it looks on me.


Longer Lashes and Denser Eyebrows- DIY



Who does not want longer lashes and denser eyebrows naturally. Today I am feeling very generous so I am gonna share 2 methods, okay 3 which you can try it out at home.

First Method :

Petroleum Jelly . Yes. Just this. Take tiny amount of the product and apply on your lashes and brows regularly.

This locks in the moisture and prevents the hair from drying and falling out.

Second Method :

Castor oil. You can use this directly or add few drops of coconut oil. And apply it carefully on the lashes/brows.

You can use an old clean mascara wand to apply.

Do not use too much, because you don’t want oil dripping into your eyes.

Third Method :

Almond oil : Same as Castor oil. Apply carefully on to the lashes/Brows directly with clean fingers or the wand.

Almond oil can make a good eye cream. Apply very little.

These methods take time but are effective in the long run. So those are the methods I follow whenever I feel my lashes are falling out or too dry.



Bourjois Mascara- Volume Glamour Max


IMG_20160112_145258_354Colour : Black

Price :  Rs. 735/-

How I like it:

  • I like it. It gives that perfect amount of volume to the lashes.


  • Though i would have personally preferred bristles longer on brush, I still like the way it coats all the lashes.
  • I use it when I dress up. And it adds it to the look of the make up. Not making it look overdone.
  • The staying power is good. It stays almost to 8 hrs.
  • Waterproof and Tears proof.







Maybelline Vivid and Smooth liner by Eye studio – Ocean blue


This is lovely blue eyeliner which can be worn as it is or can play around with the shade.

Price : I dont remember ( when I checked online it varies from Rs.200 to Rs. 299/-)


What I like about it :

It glides smoothly.

Good Pigmentation. (One stroke is enough)

Good staying power.


What I don’t like about it :

We have to manually sharpen it. ( I would have preferred the twister kind of pencil).

Other than that I like this pencil and the shade too.

And That’s how it looks on me. 🙂


Make up Essentials

Hello All! How is the day going? Mine a bit busy, and have a busy week ahead. These tips and tricks I am writing here are quite a reminder for me. And I hope these help you too.


If you are a beginner or even a person who uses make up on daily basis, buying the products can be overwhelming sometimes. There are so many products to pick from so many brands. If you are on a budget this can be quite frustrating because each one looks better than each one. If you overspend on these things, i hope this post will be helpful to you.

Make Up essentials are basically what u need. It can divided into

  1. Face
  2. Eyes
  3. Lips
  4. Cheeks

Face :


Foundations: Foundations and concealers fall in this category. In the world of BB creams, Foundation still plays an important role in make up routine. It is good to own 2 shades of foundation. One, that absolutely suits your skin color and the other a shade darker for those tanned days. Pick a foundation which suits your needs.

Here is link to how to pick the foundation : https://beautywisetalks.wordpress.com/2015/06/10/how-to-find-the-right-shade-of-foundation/



Your Make up looks mostly depends on the eye make up. You can play it up or down , either ways you need to own these.

  • kajal,
  • Eye liner (one black and any colored one),
  • Mascara,
  • 2 palettes of eyeshadows (for daily & party wear)



Okay this is where we go crazy, I gave away so many lipsticks because no way i was going to use them soon. I am not going to say anything here. You can either have one of each kind like the lipstick/gloss/pot/balm etc., or just get one lipstick and gloss.



Recently I started using this regularly. Peaches and the Pinks are the best bet. Click on the link to know how to pick the blush for your skin tone.


If your everyday make up look is minimal then just get one of each part. If you experiment with your looks then you can pick one of each kind available.

Remember, Do not buy products if you dont use them. Because the shell life for these products differ and surprisingly less.


Hope that helps. If you have anything to add to this, please leave it in the comments below.

Tip of the Day

Hi all ! Weekend is here Yay! Not that it makes any difference to me but weekend is a weekend. And that too 3 days Long weekend. Hehehe Enough of this weekend talk. How were the festival celebrations?. What your weekend plans?

Today’s post is about how to save the dried mascara. Mascaras dry up quickly. This is due to air that enters the tube when we use the mascara. To avoid this swrirl the wand in the tube. If the mascara dries up within its expiry date you can use this trick.

If your mascara is dried and clumpy, add few drops of baby oil or eye drops. You can add coconut oil/Almond oil too. But make sure you add dropwise and see the consistency.


Place this in a cup of hot water for some time and it is as good as a new one.


You can do the same hot water trick with lip glosses too.