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Longer Lashes and Denser Eyebrows- DIY



Who does not want longer lashes and denser eyebrows naturally. Today I am feeling very generous so I am gonna share 2 methods, okay 3 which you can try it out at home.

First Method :

Petroleum Jelly . Yes. Just this. Take tiny amount of the product and apply on your lashes and brows regularly.

This locks in the moisture and prevents the hair from drying and falling out.

Second Method :

Castor oil. You can use this directly or add few drops of coconut oil. And apply it carefully on the lashes/brows.

You can use an old clean mascara wand to apply.

Do not use too much, because you don’t want oil dripping into your eyes.

Third Method :

Almond oil : Same as Castor oil. Apply carefully on to the lashes/Brows directly with clean fingers or the wand.

Almond oil can make a good eye cream. Apply very little.

These methods take time but are effective in the long run. So those are the methods I follow whenever I feel my lashes are falling out or too dry.




Vaseline Healthy White Lightening visible fairness lotion


Price: Rs. 75/- for 100ml

For most of us the first ever Body lotion is Vaseline. Though there are many Body lotions in the market somehow I manage to be loyal to this brand. They have come up with variety of products over the years and their recent one is Vaseline Healthy White Lightening visible fairness lotion. I should say this disappointed me a lot. It claims to have skin illuminating minerals, yoghurt serum and Vitamin B3.

  • The consistency is regular Body lotion but a bit tinted
  • Takes time to absorb.
  • Leaves a white film over the skin. (sunscreen I guess).
  • Skin becomes dry just less than 2 hours.

    Last word: It made my skin darker so i better stay away from this. But I have a friend who cannot live without this. I suggest if you really want to try this go ahead and try it when you at home. It is not that expensive too. This one product cannot take my loyalty to this brand. 🙂