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Summer Outfits

When we say summer outfits, all we can think about is the easy breezy clothes that feels like nothing on the skin. When we say easy breezy does not mean mundane or boring, they can be stylish too. Take your pick from the styles below.

  1. Shorts :


Shorts are the first ones to come to our mind. Shorts does not have to be dedicated for beaches, you can team it up with a well fitted blazer for those casual brunch meetings.

2. Culottes:


Who can forget these airy, comfortable pants. You can team them up with a crop top and a blazer or go casual with just an oversized tee or go formal with well fitted blouse or shirt. Take a hint from the ladies above.

3. Summer Dresses:


Florals,Prints, maxis,little dresses in bright colors or Pastels. When it comes to dresses there is a wide variety. You can pick according to your comfort and stay calm.

4. Skirts :


Who can go wrong with the long skirts. You can pick your fabric and team them up with a tee or tank tops or even a cotton blouse.

5. Kurtis with Palazzos:


As much as I love wearing shorts and dresses, by the end of the day I love Indian wear. They are so versatile if you are open to bit of experimenting. The place where i live is a bit conservative, so I prefer wearing Indian outfits. Wearing just the kurta,salwar everyday can be a bit frustrating, so I usually team up kurtis with Palazzos or the Culottes. They not only amp up the style quotient, they can be ever so comfortable.

6. Kurtis with Skirts :


I love wearing long skirts, especially the cotton ones. I usually wear them with a cotton blouse or a tank top and scarf. After moving back to my hometown with the limited options in clothing I started teaming them with long kurtis.And they have become my comfort wear ever since. They are ethnic, comfortable without compromising on the style.

7. Sarees: cottonsarees

Sarees!!! The Never ending Love story. I love wearing sarees. I have seen only sarees around while growing up. So many varieties, so many fabrics,so many styles. The list never ends. I personally believe every  Girl looks her best in a saree. I usually wear them on sundays to the church or just whenever feel like it. I usually prefer wearing cotton ones of the fabrics locally bought. With the right blouse you can don a saree anytime you want.

Hope you like my Compilation of summer Outfits. In my next post I will talk about the Summer fabrics. I would love to hear your personal favorite in the comments.

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Maybelline Baby Lips

One product I don’t leave my house without. I have the tinted one in my bag and the non tinted at home.

I am sure most of you have already tried out these products and they have a good range of products.

Price : Ranges from Rs. 110/- to variable. Depending on the flavour.

Till date i have tried almost all the products available here in the market.


Maybelline color is the tinted one. It is a deep maroon shade but once applied it gives a nice tint to the lips.

Maybelline Antioxidant berry is the non tinted balm.

Once applied it stays for a really longtime.

Non sticky and it does not melt in hot climates.

So absolute travel friendly.

Things to remember while applying Face Pack

You decide to write something and something else pops up and end up writing something else. That is my story for today.

I wanted to write the reviews and then thought of doing DIY’s and this is what I ended up writing. Lets get on with it.

Things to remember before applying Face pack:


Clean your face and gently scrub the face.

Pick a face pack according to your needs.

Apply Thin coat/thick coat of the pack evenly all over the face. You can apply this using the brush or clean fingers.

Things to remember after applying Face Pack:


Lie down and relax.

Do not excercise/do anything strenuous while the face pack is on.

Apply the cotton buds soaked in icewater/rosewater/thin cucumber slices.

Do not let the pack dry completely.

To remove the pack from the face,Soak the face towel in the water and pat it on the face and gently wipe off the pack.

Repeat the same till you clean the face pack.

And wash off with the cold water and wipe it with a cotton cloth.

Apply the toner followed by a Good Moisturiser.

Hope these tips will help you get the maximum benefits of the face packs at home.

Neutrogena Body Lotion – Norwegian Formula


Price : Rs. 399/- for 250 ml. (Rs.50/- off at Health and Glow stores in Bangalore).

They have a story printed at the back of the bottle about how the Norwegian formula came up. “It started with Norwegian Fishermen. Faced with some of the harshest, coldest weather on earth,they used a formula that delivers concentrated levels of glycerin to dry, chapped skin providing immediate and lasting relief”. I just had to write that.

Coming to my experience, I can say this is my current favorite in Body lotions. It comes in a standard Neutrogena bottles with flip cap.

  • Little is required compared to other Body Lotions.
  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Skin is moisturized and stay that way for more than 8 hrs.
  • A very mild and pleasant fragrance.

Last Word: A definite buy. A good value for money. Little goes a long way. 🙂

Himalaya Herbals Oil clear Lemon Face Wash

I like Himalaya face washes especially their Neem one. I usually pick up most of my face washes from Himalaya. Now I am on the exploring mode,so I am trying out new products. Actually I am trying to remember their other products and all I remember the shelves full of their supplements in the stores. 🙂


Price:Rs.50/- for 50ml

  • The name itself suggests it is for oily skin.
  • A soap free herbal facewash for oily skin.
  • Gel like consistency.
  • The citric acid in lemon helps lightens and brightens the skin.
  • There is honey in the ingredient list which helps in moisturizing.

My Take: Himalaya herbals have a good range of products which are quite effective and they live up to what they claim. The lemon face wash does not disappoint you.

  • It is a very mild face wash. Good for every day use.
  • Cleans the skin without making it feeling dry and tight.
  • Has Herbal scent.
  • Value for Money.

Last word: This one is definitely for oily skin but can be used for combination skin too. Buy in small quantities, see how it works for your skin and decide whether you can continue or change. This way it does not pinch your pocket.

New Week

How was your weekend. Mine was very busy and I had fun too. From This week that is October 1st we are thinking of doing the Product reviews. So I am looking at a busy week. Dont I just love it when my schedule is busy. I would love to know your plans for this week. Do share them in the comments 🙂


With this lets start our Week.