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Random Talks – Hyderabad

Today is one of those days I feel absolutely lazy even to get out of my bed ( wait, just today !!!). I have been writing this post from past 60 minutes and all I could write were these two lines. I am travelling at the moment and I terribly miss my little rowdy pet-Sky. đŸ˜¦

I was in Hyderabad last weekend, though it was a short stay , we tried to do as many things as possible. We were out on sunday. Started the day off with the Celebrity cricket league, followed by drive on tank bund and the laser show at lumbini gardens, ended the day with dinner at Sigree.

Oh I forgot, the previous night, we made a quick visit to Charminar, a bit of Pearl shopping and gorged on the biryani and Paan.

We didnt carry a camera with us, the following clicks are all from the mobile phone.

Charminar. There was this friendly traffic cop who told us all the in and around tourist places. All of them closes by 5:30 in the evening.


Celebrities on the field.


The Audience and that day had the beautiful sunset.


Found the Picture point


Night life on Hyderabad streets. Eat street.


And the Paan. Bought few extra back home.


I was Mary Poppin the whole weekend.


Almost 4 hours later, completed the post, I miss my favorite TV shows too. I am just in Miss mode today. By the way. what is your current favorite TV show? Would love to hear in the comments.


Divya Jaladi.

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