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Everyuth Naturals- Hydroactive Walnut scrub

Hello! I am back to writing. Most of the coming posts will be reviews for sometime. Check out the blog now more than often. ūüôā

In one of my store visits in Bangalore I ended up buying stuff more than required.  I am back to my hometown and I dont get the products which i am used to use on regular basis. When I saw these i went a bit crazy and started picking up the stuff from the counters. I could order them online but it takes weeks to deliver them and by then the whole excitement goes away. Most of you can relate to what I am talking about.


When it comes to face scrubs , walnuts and apricots take the first place. Most of the scrubs have their shell dust or powder in the scrubs. And I have always liked them.


Price : Rs. 38/- for 25 gm

It has light orange creamy texture with walnut shell particles as scrub. They are not dense and ideal for face. Take required amount of this scrub and apply on the wet face and massage gently. Wash it off with warm/cold water.

My Take :


I use this scrub when I apply a facepack after this.

Otherwise I feel it is way too creamy for me.

If you leaving your skin bare after scrub this alone is good.

It feels soft, smooth and well moisturised.

I noticed all the walnut and apricot scrubs (Creamy textured) have the same soapy kinda scent.

The package is travel friendly.

It is a good scrub for that price.


Skin cottage Body Bath + Scrub (with Kiwi Gold Essence)

With natural Apricot kernel and jojoba beads cleanses and helps remove dead skin cells, Formulated with fruit extract and scented with Kiwi gold fragrance moisturizes to keep skin smooth, leaving a feeling of refreshing sensation.


Price : 400ml for Rs. 379/-

When you walk into Health & Glow stores in Bangalore, you will find shelves filled with these colorful bath gels and bath scrubs. I picked up two scrubs from skin cottage and Grace cole.

Skin cottage Body Bath + Scrub Kiwi Gold Essence


  • It has exactly same color as fruit Kiwi in the bottle but once poured onto the hand or sponge it is a clear scrub.¬†
  • Filled with brown particles which are apricot seed powder, which i feel are lost in the lather.
  • It has runny consistency and lathers well.
  • Scrubs gently and can be washed off easily.
  • Does not feel soapy.
  • Skin feels clean and soft.
  • Heavenly Kiwi fragrance that lingers on quite a while after the bath.

This is one of my favorite shower gels. If you like fruity scents then grab this one Or pick anyone from their range. A little goes long way.

Lip Scrub – DIY

When So many things are happening around and with you, and you have to focus on one thing at at time, Its difficult. This is exactly what is happening with me right. All at once. I am trying to find an order in this chaos, hopefully i get it by this weekend. Weekend is almost here. Isn’t it a long weekend this time? What your plans?

Today’s post, I have been wanting to do this from last time, and today I had to do. This is Lip scrub and it takes less than 5 minutes.

All you need for this DIY –


Castor/Brown sugar

Coconut oil/Almond/Olive.

Peppermint oil (Optional)

Small Container (For storing)

Tooth picks

Take the sugar in the container and add any oil (I used coconut oil) of your choice drop wise. Mix it with tooth pick. Check for the consistency and add few more drops of oil.


Add A drop of peppermint oil just for that tingly tangly feel. (This step is completely optional)

Go easy on the oil, if it becomes too oily, then becomes difficult to scrub (from experience ūüôā )


How to use it: 

Take little scrub and gently scrub your lips with your ring finger. And Wipe it off. You don’t need to apply Lip balm after that. ¬†You can use this regularly to get soft smooth lips.

Natural Homemade Beauty tips for¬†skin – DIY’s



Those who stay away from the store bought products and look for the natural and homemade solutions to take care of the skin, then this is a must read. These are from the natural and easily available ingredients at home.

  1. This one is known to everyone and very versatile. Mix a tablespoon gram flour, few drops of lemon juice,honey, curd. Apply it on the face leave it on for 15 minutes. You can adjust the ingredients as per your needs. Works for all skin types.
  2. Wipe the face with raw milk to clean any left over dirt on the face. Suitable for all skin types especially the dry skin.
  3. I remember when we were kids,we applied fresh milk cream to our face and body before bath. This not only moisturises but also makes the skin soft and smooth. Suitable for dry and combination skin.
  4. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and orange juice and add honey. Apply all over the face and leave it on for 25 mins, wash it off with cold water for the glowing and supple skin. Best for combination to oily skin. This can be used as anti-tan mask too.
  5. I already mentioned the Tomato scrub in my previous posts which you can try for removing the tan. You can read here http://beautyandstylebox.com/2013/11/27/tomato-scrub/
  6. Apply Cinammon powder and honey over the acne or the pimples to get rid off them quicker. Do not apply on the open acne or pimples, it might sting. ouch..

Note: Though these are all from the natural ingredients, Please check for any allergic reactions and discontinue to use.

Super tip : Drink lots of water. Add colored vegetables and fruits to your diet for that healthy and natural glow of your skin.

DIY – DeTan Mask

A simple De-Tan Mask for the summers. All you need is one ingredient. Yes just one


Tomato. Cut a slice and rub it gently on your face and leave it on for 10 minutes. And wash it off with cold water. Some might experience tingling on the skin,but it is quite natural .


If you want a scrub, just dip the slice in castor Sugar and scrub gently on your face. Leave it on for 15 mins and wash it off with cold water.

How it works: Due to the presence of Lycopene abundently in Tomatoes, it protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and helps in getting rid of the Tan and delays Ageing of the skin. Regular consumption of Tomatoes makes your skin brighter and younger.

Note: If you have cuts or Pimples, Do not apply as it might cause discomfort.

What are Lycopenes?

These are a form of carotenoids which are found in red colored fruits and vegetables. It ca be available in non red colored foods too. Though it does not have any vitamin A value, it can be great for skin. You can get this from your daily diet with out going for supplements.

Fun Fact: Lycopene is non-toxic and is commonly found in the diet, but cases of excessive carotenoid intake have been reported. In a middle-aged woman who had prolonged and excessive consumption of tomato juice, her skin and liver were colored orange-yellow and she had elevated levels of lycopene in her blood. After three weeks on a lycopene-free diet her skin color returned to normal. This discoloration of the skin is known as lycopenodermia and is non-toxic.