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Helloo How are you all doing? As much as i wish to write here, there are few things that are coming in the way. I am working on those and I am sure I would be in the right state of mind and write here often. I am trying to do small posts and share effective DIY’s with you all.

Today’s DIY is another Ayurvedic remedy. This is to stay away from all the skin problems and odour free this summer. Add half a lemon and some salt ( Preferably Rock salt) to your bath. Salt removes all the dirt and lemon removes the tan and keeps you fresh. Go ahead and enjoy your citrusy fresh bath.


By the way, this summer instead of long cold showers, use a Pail/bucket for bathing to save water.

I still come online and browse sometimes. So please check out the blog and do talk to me through your comments. Your support means alot to me.

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Caviar Manicure – DIY

Hello there!!!  How are you all doing? How is your week coming along? Mine is going on crazy busy. After a long time. I started reading again. this time its  “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. If you know the book, you would would know how busy one can get with it.I always wanted to read it but the small print kept me away.

Today’s post is a simple Nail art DIY. It is called “Caviar Manicure”. No, it is not the manicure done with real caviar 😛 its the caviar looking like beads. Caviar beads are the tiny beads which are put on the nail and made pretty. You can buy the beads from online or in any crafts store. They come in small tins or tiny bottles.


I got mine from Itsy -bitsy and i bought these for a crafts project but you know how mind works sometimes. I wanted to try them and love the outcome.

Lets see how its done


Apply the base coat and paint your nails with any color you like.

Now put on a thick coat of nail paint

Sprinkle the caviar beads on the still wet nail directly from the bottle or with your fingers.


Wipe off the extra beads and press the beads that are stuck on the nails gently.

Repeat the same, for the rest of the nails or the ones you wanted. (Use a sheet or bowl underneath as the beads can go all over the place while applying).

When its dried, apply the top coat and seal it off.

Thats it, your Caviar manicure is done.


If you cannot find the beads you can replace them with Table salt / Refined Sugar and the effect is the same.


This manicure lasts for couple of days and is not practical. It comes off if the nails are rubbed or if you do domestic chores.

All in all its fun and to try it out because it hardly takes anytime and get creative with it.

Share your caviar manicure pics in the below.