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Pepper and Honey – DIY

An Ugly pop on your face?. Try this simple DIY at home. Take a pinch of Black pepper powder add honey and make a paste. Apply this on the affected area and leave it on till it dries.


Note: Please don’t use it on the open acne/pimple or on any cut skin. Needless to say it will sting like hell if you do so.


Lacto Calamine- Oil Control Lotion


Lacto Calamine, who haven’t heard of this?!. Doctors Prescribed this to get rid of chicken pox scars then. Though I have seen many using it as I was growing up, I never used it. I remember trying it out once, but it felt too thick and sweaty on my skin. Never went back till recently. I was looking for a day cream and when I saw Oil Control on this pack, I just picked it up. Thought I would give it a good try and see how it works.

It has Kaolin and Aloe Vera


  • Kaolin Absorbs excessive oil, acts as an exfoliant giving soft and acne free skin.
  • Aloe vera hydrates the dry skin
  • Zincoxide unclogs the pores and prevents bacterial growth.

Skin Type : Combination to Oily

Price : Rs. 101/-  for 60ml

How I liked it : I love it. I regret not trying it out earlier.



  • It looks like a tinted Moisturizer. Pale Peach color.
  • My skin got clearer and brighter.
  • No breakouts.
  • easily absorbed into skin.
  • Moisturizes well.
  • Little Product is enough if you using on face.
  • Buildable. It is a perfect base for the make up.
  • This will go into my skin Rescue Products.

Have you seen the price, 60ml will come for good 2 months if you use both the times. I use this during day as I already have a night cream.

And the Scent can be a bit bothersome but it vanishes off quickly.

Having said all these, this product is either make or break, no in betweens. So try a smaller pack first.



DIY’s – Remedies for Acne/Pimples

In one of my previous posts I mentioned the basic and the important things to consider when you have acne. Following that post ( https://beautywisetalks.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/about-acnepimples/ )Today I am sharing a few of the home remedies for acne. These are very easy to make and easily available and don’t forget “very effective”. Even Guys can give these a try. Lets see which one will become your favorite :-).

Ice cubes: Now this is the easiest remedy you could ever possibly use. Just take an ice cube and put it in a clean wash cloth and dab it over the acne. It reduces the inflammation and the redness of the acne and helps in closing the pores as well. Now here comes the interesting part, You can add lemon juice or green tea and make lemon and green tea ice cubes. These are equally effective and easy to use.

Aloe vera Gel: If you have the plant at home, you can take the gel directly from them and apply it on the affected area. Or you can use the store brought products as well. But make sure they are from the trusted and reputed brands.

Cinnamon/Pepper and honey: Not all three together but cinnamon-honey and Pepper-honey works great as acne treatment. Mix Cinnamon/black pepper powder with honey,make a paste and apply only on the acne.You can leave this overnight and wash it off in the morning (Like spot Treatment). Do not apply this on the open acne/pimples.

Fenugreek leaves/Seeds: Make a paste from the fenugreek/methi leaves and apply on the effected area. Or you can soak the seeds,grind them mix it with little curd and apply it on the acne. Keep it on for 15 -20 minutes and wash it off.

Neem Paste: This is the oldest remedy for acne . You can either use the neem powder which is easily available or any neem based face packs. Either way they are very effective and works best for acne.

Tea tree oil/Lavender oil: These two oils can be applied directly onto the acne/pimples. If you have sensitive skin,you can dilute it with water or aloevera gel.

These are the remedies which I have personally tried and use these whenever I need to.

Things to remember:

Do not scrub or massage vigorously the acne affected area.
Have Patience. They dont magically disappear overnight. It takes time to heal and get that clear skin.
You need to take a little extra care when it comes to your skin care routine.
Use toner to close or minimise the pores, followed by a good moisturizer.You can make your own toners from here.( http://beautyandstylebox.com/2014/02/18/diys-facial-toners/ )
Acne is not a disease, its a skin condition. so, relax, get good sleep, eat healthy and exercise.

About Acne/Pimples


What is Acne what causes it,how many types or even how to prevent them?Well, I just know this that acne is that evil thing which surfaces the skin on the special days. And for teens, it lets the whole world know that they reached puberty. As soon as you see it, I am sure you must have had this vicious urgency to push it back. I had too. Only recently I made my peace with acne otherwise it was a constant battle. If they are tiny ones, As soon as they appear I tried all the ways..getting angry, pushing them back, squeezing, pinching, popping. I would win for a day and then they come back with a vengeance in the form of an ugly long lasting scars. I gave in. I didnt want to fight them. I just let them have their way. And you know what suprisingly, they disappeared sooner and didnt leave marks behind. So, What I learnt from this was, If you dont fight with acne, they dont feel the need to leave their mark. 🙂

Alright, Lets get to the science stuff. skin, oil glands, sebum, pores, clogging and acne. Thats how you get acne.

And stress has very little to do with acne.

What to do when you get acne?

  • First and foremost dont fight it, dont pop squeeze or anything such sort. 
  • Wash your face atleast twice a day.
  • Moisturizing is important even if have acne prone or oily skin. Look for oil free moisturizers and check for non clogging pores on the label.
  • Dont touch your face with dirty hands. Wash your hands when you applying cream or make up.
  • Change your Pillow covers often. 
  • Check if you have changed your diet or added something new to your skin care routine. this might be causing allergic reactions.
  • Keep your hair clean or keep the things that touch your face clean like helmets, hairbands etc.
  • Excercise.Let the body naturally flush out all the toxins from the body. Always shower after the workout.
  • And Last, Drink lots of water. Water always solves all the problems.:-P

These are the things which you can keep in mind and are in your control. I understand that, just following these steps will not magically make your acne disappear. In some severe acne cases, Doctors consult and advice is necessary. I am going to do a follow up posts on the natural remedies for acne.

Fun Fact:Guys get acne for much longer time than girls. Guys are such givers, they gave all the rest to girls and kept only one thing for themselves. How generous! 😛