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Post Threading Care

Well Threading can be painful as it is and if you are prone to get rashes or the bumps then it can be a bit of concern. Threading is considered the most efficient method to get rid of the facial hair. And it is an old and common method of removing facial hair.


More than my eyebrows, I get my upperlip and chin hair removed often. An almost an year ago, I suddenly started getting painful bumps on my skin post threading. I switched to waxing but was facing the same problem. After trying out lot of things to do before and after threading, I’d settled down with these things which I am mentioning below.

  • NEVER scrub your face after threading, this will not just irritate your skin, you will end up bruising it. Always scrub before the threading as it helps the threading easier and helps with the ingrown hair.
  • Do not Exfoliate/Steam your face.
  • Do not touch the skin as the pores will be still open and the dirt gets inside.
  • Do not bleach your face for atleast 24-48 hrs.

What must you do :

  • Try an ice cube or cold compression to avoid redness.
  • You can wipe it off with rosewater. This can help soothing the skin and also close the pores.
  • Aloe vera gel also a good option to apply over the skin.
  • If you are prone to get pimples or bumps, try a soothing face pack. I usually use acne free packs and this one worked as a charm. I make sure I use a face pack and leave my skin bare.

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Basic Skin care Tips

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was okay Just lazed around a bit? How is monday treating you all? Mine had a painful start, a visit to dentist 😦 . Hope rest of the week goes great.

Today’s post is like a reminder. One must include these tips into their skin care regime to get and maintain healthy, glowing skin.


Always use a gentle Face wash followed by a good moisturizer depending on your skin needs.( Even if you have oily skin or living in a humid place, You need a moisturizer.


Adding sunscreen to your skin care takes the year off your skin. Never step out in the sun without a Sunscreen.


Get facials or clean ups done regularly to get rid of dead skin. Either you can get it done out or can do it yourself at home.


Get the eyebrows done regularly and get rid of the facial hair in ways that are suitable for you, for that always groomed look.


Add one potion of vegetables/fruits in your everyday diet.


Drink lots and lots of water and get plenty of sleep.

Leave in the comments,What is one skin care tip that you swear by?