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Helloo How are you all doing? As much as i wish to write here, there are few things that are coming in the way. I am working on those and I am sure I would be in the right state of mind and write here often. I am trying to do small posts and share effective DIY’s with you all.

Today’s DIY is another Ayurvedic remedy. This is to stay away from all the skin problems and odour free this summer. Add half a lemon and some salt ( Preferably Rock salt) to your bath. Salt removes all the dirt and lemon removes the tan and keeps you fresh. Go ahead and enjoy your citrusy fresh bath.


By the way, this summer instead of long cold showers, use a Pail/bucket for bathing to save water.

I still come online and browse sometimes. So please check out the blog and do talk to me through your comments. Your support means alot to me.

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Love you all.


Local travel Diaries – 2


One of these days we went to another hill climbing expedition. This is one of the places i wanted to rewrite my memory and thanks to my friend i was able to do that. This is another Mother Mary’s church and once you climb the hill, you get the view of the city and a cross where you pray.


Around the cross is the Pray area.

IMG_20151023_180940 (3)

The view. We could not capture the view as we had to get down soon.


I am just sitting 😛


This is one of the family trips on purpose and were at the fishing village.


One fish two fish …five fish.


You see a lot of these along the shore. 😦


And thats how you dry fish 😀

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Face Pack (Papaya.Apple)

How is your weekend coming along? In one of my reviews i mentioned I cant remember anything of Himalaya products. Since then I see their products only. So happens right?!

Coming to today’s Himalaya product ,it is a Papaya apple face pack for Norma to dry skin . Though my skin is combination to oily, sometimes it acts funny. I picked it up for those times.


Price : Rs 70/- for 50g


I like the pack. I am more of a neem and tulsi packs kind of a girl. This face pack is a savior.

I use the face packs to avoid Breakouts after Threading the facial hair.

This dries up quickly and does not stretch out while drying.

My face looks clean and fresh.

2015-10-14_14.17.14 (1)