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Maybelline Fit me Foundation

Matte+Poreless (Normal to oily )


Shade : Warm Honey #322

Price : Rs. 525/-


How I liked it :

Finally i got my hands on this one. Since I gave away my Clinique foundation ( Review ) to a dear friend of mine, i was on hunt for a good foundation. I like light coverage, buildable foundations. I usually use BB creams or tinted moisturisers  but I do like using a foundation. It feels like I have got my canvas ready.  Considering the climate, the foundations which are weightless and does not clogs the pores are really important. I saw rave reviews about Maybelline fit me and thought Will give it a try. And I could not find anywhere at hometown, thought would order online, but was not sure about the shade,and finally, finally, I got a chance to pick up during one of my work travels. Lets get right into it.


How I liked it:

Started a love affair since it touched my face for the first time. I absolutely love it. It is all I was looking for in a foundation and what more I got the exact right shade and that too in my budget.

  • Liquid foundation
  • Blends easily and feels light
  • Light coverage
  • Buildable
  • Matte finish and does not dry out the skin
  • Does not clogs the pores
  • It does what it claims.
  • This is one of those products that i see using it completely.

Super Super happy with this. I definitely recommend this to others. Have you tried this yet? Would love to hear your comments below.



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Clinique Foundation – Shade No. 37 (N)

I say when you find the right shade of the Foundation, do not hesitate buy it immediately. If it is expensive, then just grab it and run. 😛


The Clinique always had something to offer to me. Their Skincare products to their perfumes to their make up range. Today I am writing about the Perfectly real make up range, shade No.37(N)


Price: Rs.1900/- for 30ml.

How I like it :


This is a neutral shade and gives a light to medium coverage.

I like the natural finish it gives.

It can be used everyday and does not look over the top if you use any other products over foundation.

It blends easily and staying power is impressive.


Drawbacks :

It does not cover the scars.

Unscented. Absolutely no scent. It smells like ingredients.

Shimmer in the product. Though i like the finish it gives, shimmer can be seen.

This is more like a tinted moisturiser with a natural finish.

What are Primers


Primers are used as the base for the Face Make up. It is the first step in the make up. They are primarily used to increase the time for the make up on the face. They also claim to give an even finish and even tones. It is a serum like products gets absorbed into the skin easily.

There are Primers available for every specific part of the face

  • Foundation Primers
  • Lip Primers:
  • Eye Primers
  • Mascara Primers

Foundation Primers : Increases the time of the make up on the face. Decreases fine lines and wrinkles. And evens out the skin.

Lip/Eye/Mascara Primers : These are made specifically for these parts and are gentle. They give a base for the make up and helps it stay longer on the face.

How to Apply Primers:

Wash your face and moisturize with your regular moisturizer.

  • Take The required amount of foundation primer as per the instructions. And apply all over the face avoiding the eye area. Wait for a minute and let it dry before you start with your foundation.

    Bonus Tip: You can use your BB cream as the primer.

How to find the right shade of foundation

Getting the right shade of the foundation is very important for the whole make up look. The wrong shade can ruin even the other right products on the face. It is again confusing in what and how to pick the right shade for you. Here are the few tips which can help you in picking the right shade.


Know your skin type:

First thing know your skin type, whether it is dry/sensitive/oily/combination. Once you know your skin type look for the foundations made that are especially made for your skin type. It is usually mentioned on the cover. For dry skin, go for moisturizing foundations or cream foundations. For Combination skin go for water based or powder finished. Mineral foundations often work out for all the skin types. For oily skin, go for oil control,matt finish.

There are 4 types of foundation.


Cream based



Oily Skin: Pressed and Matte finish foundations

Dry Skin : Liquid Foundations with Hydrating properties.

Normal Skin : can pick any based on your needs.

Know your needs.

Once you know your skin type, next step is your need. What are you expecting from the foundation?. Do not expect miraculous transformations. Think about what you exactly need foundation for. Light coverage or Medium/Heavy. Light coverage gives you the natural finish if you have a good skin, while medium helps you cover the light marks. Go for heavy coverage if you need to cover the dark marks. Don’t just go for heavy coverage directly, Opt for medium coverage if you need to cover up any marks, because you can build up on.

Once you clear about these two, now comes picking the right shade.

  • There is a very popular way pick the shade. You can go by your undertones, Cool,warm and neutral. It is easy to determine your undertones. people who have fair skin and gets easily burned in the sun have cooler undertones,These can pick foundations with red/blue base. The dark skinned ones have warmer undertones.They can pick with yellow or golden bases. Neutral ones can pick anything that works for them at the time. 
  • Another way of knowing your undertones. If the gold jewelry looks good on you, its warm undertones and if the silver looks good then its cool.
  • One more way, If your veins on the inner wrist looks blue, then you have cool undertones,if they appear green the you have warm undertones and if you have blue and green equally,you are neutral.

I shared this just for you to know about all the ways to pick the shade. I find going by undertones is very confusing and most of the SA’s don’t even know about these. You can get the right shade without bothering about the undertones.

Here is what you can do.

  • Always go the store to buy the foundation. You can tell the Sales Assistants (SA) what you looking for. Try the shades which matches your skintone,also try one lighter and one darker for reference. 
  • Always test the shade on the jawline (As opposed to the popular wrist test).
  • Apply as much as you think you will apply everyday.
  • After testing, go where there is natural light cause the store lights can mislead you.
  • The right shade should completely blend into your skin. (Disappear).
  • If you are not sure, you can walk around for sometime to see how it looks after drying. Few foundations gets oxidized and change the color. 
  • Check whether the shade you picked meets the basic expectations you have set. These can differ depending on the climatic conditions too.
  • Sometimes,if you are in between the skin tones, you might need to mix two shades to get the perfect shade for your skin.

These things should help you pick the right shade of foundation. Leave in the comments which foundation is your perfect one.